Chae-won Jeong, CEO of One Log, said in an interview메이저놀이터 with Asia Economy on the 7th, “The number of overseas customers who prefer One Log’s slacks fit has increased significantly among Asian countries.”

‘One Log’, which mainly sells women’s bottoms, is attracting attention as a so-called ‘slacks restaurant’ among working women in their 20s and 30s. In particular, the ‘Pin Tuck Slacks (a method of giving a three-dimensional effect by pleating the front of the pants)’, which are released in various materials and fits depending on the season, went viral and recorded cumulative sales of more than 400,000 units.

Representative Jeong, who has been interested in clothing since she was young, majored in costume design. Afterwards, she realized that she wanted to communicate with the public through her fashion items, so she started running a blog, and naturally she created a blog that combines one letter of CEO Jeong’s name with the ‘log’ of her blog. The One Log brand has been launched.

One Log’s biggest secret to popularity is its granular size. For major product groups such as slacks, a total of 12 length and size options are provided, excluding color, in consideration of various body types. Pants are divided into three lengths: mini, short, and long so that everyone can wear them from 150cm to 170cm in height, and sizes are divided into four sizes: XS , S, M, and L. Because of this, anyone can choose clothes that fit their body type. Product selection conditions are also strict. We only release products that have been tried on and verified for perfection, so we discard all products that are not satisfactory in fit.

CEO Jeong said, “We are introducing products for various body types so that anyone can wear them. We also receive a lot of feedback that the daughter bought it first and then repurchased it in her mother’s size because of the positive response.” He added, “Famous actors such as Lee Ha-nui and Chun Woo-hee wore it in dramas. “It also attracted attention,” he said.

Thanks to these strengths, Onelog’s annual sales from various channels, including the D2C (direct-to-consumer) shopping mall established through Cafe24 in 2014, are increasing by 20-30% every year compared to the previous year. The business started with annual sales of tens of millions of won, but has recently been consistently recording annual sales of around 20 billion won. Recently, a business focusing on overseas open markets is being carried out using ‘Easy Mall’, a support service for entering overseas open markets provided by Cafe24.

Onelog, which is currently doing business in Gwangju, plans to reopen its Seoul office in the future and expand its presence in the top fashion sector by introducing a large number of new products. CEO Jeong said, “Onelog is gaining popularity as a restaurant that serves slacks that are good to wear to interviews.” He added, “In the future, we will become a brand that is recognized by consumers for a variety of products, not only slacks but also tops.”

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