Regarding an American soldier who suddenly defected to North Korea through the Joint Security Area ( JSA

) ahead of repatriation, his family is also unable to find the reason why he acted like that. However, his family said that the death of his cousin, whom he was close to메이저놀이터, a few months ago, may have had some effect. According to the Associated Press and Reuters, US soldier Travis King (23) crossed the Military Demarcation Line without permission on the 18th while touring the Joint Security Area in Panmunjom . He did not directly reveal the reason for defecting to North Korea, and he did not hint to those around him. However, it is presumed that he was imprisoned in Korea for some kind of incident and suffered psychological pressure before returning to the United States to receive disciplinary action. It is said that the family in the United States was also shocked by King’s sudden and unexpected behavior. King’s maternal grandfather, Carl Gates, told The Associated Press, “If Travis was sane, he wouldn’t have done it on purpose.” “Travis is a good kid. He’s not trying to hurt anyone, and he’s not trying to hurt himself.” His maternal aunt, Lakeia Nard, said the death of her son, King’s cousin, earlier this year may have played a role. He was close with his 7-year-old son, who died of a rare genetic disease in February of this year, and his guess is that King must have been shocked. AP

Relatives described King as a quiet loner, the news agency said. It is said that he did not drink and smoke and loved to read the Bible. He also said that growing up in Wisconsin, he was excited to serve his country in Korea.

Sarah Leslie, a New Zealand tourist who was on a tour with him, also told the situation at the time that she behaved like a normal tourist, such as buying a hat at a souvenir shop.

When such a King took a group photo at the end of the tour and finished the tour, he suddenly jumped out and crossed the military demarcation line.

A U.S. government official told Reuters that it is speculated that King went to the airport to catch a flight home and decided to join the tour after seeing a JSA tour advertisement at the airport. It is said that he did not prepare for North Korea in advance, but made such a decision spontaneously.

Currently, the US government is in contact with North Korea for King’s repatriation, but has yet to receive any response from the North Korean side.

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