Will Kim Min-jae’s annual salary increase to 3.5 million euros?

Is it difficult for Kim Min-jae to move to Manchester United? First of all, it seems that Napoli will begin to appease Kim Min-jae with a salary increase.

Kim Min-jae has recently become the hottest player in Europe. With rumors of him transferring to Manchester United and Tottenham coming out, not only Korean fans but also local fans are very interested. Ahead of this season, Kim Min-jae, who joined Napoli for the first time in his big league challenge, is captivating the European soccer world with his tremendous performance. Rumors of a transfer to Manchester United are not out of the blue.

In response, Kim Min-jae firmly drew a line. In an interview with ‘Daily Mail’, he said, “The rumors are not true at all. I want to focus on Napoli. I focus on the team rather than rumors.”

There is a reason Kim Min-jae can only be passive. He has a contract with Napoli until 2025, with his £44m release clause subject to activation for just two weeks this summer. This is an unfavorable condition for actively promoting a transfer.

Italian media ‘Calciomercato’ reported that the Naples leadership met Kim Min-jae’s agent. Not knowing that Min-jae Kim would do this well,스포츠토토 he wrote a clause for the release of 44 million pounds of ‘cheap money’, which was discussed in the direction of deleting or correcting it.

The media claimed that Napoli would not hastily make a decision to further increase the contract with Kim Min-jae, but was willing to raise his salary in consideration of his performance.

Currently, Kim Min-jae’s annual salary is known to be around 2.5 million euros (about 3.5 billion won), but Napoli is ready to raise it to 3.5 million euros (about 4.9 billion won).

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