Recently, products such as ‘Muktaekang’ and ‘Ohing Nogari Chip Cheongyang Mayo Flavor (Nogari Chip)’ are gaining popularity, causing a ‘sold out crisis’. As it has become difficult to find them in convenience stores and large supermarkets, those who quickly purchase ‘sold out snacks’ are even selling them for several times the selling price on second-hand trading platforms. In this situation, department stores, supermarkets, convenience stores, etc. are limiting the number of purchases per person and making every effort to secure supplies.

According to the industry on the 8th, major convenience stores such as 7-Eleven are limiting orders for ‘Nogari Chips’, which Lotte Well Foods (formerly Lotte Confectionery) launched this month, to one box per store. ‘Muktaekang’, which Nongshim launched last June, is gaining popularity, with cumulative sales exceeding 3 million bags, and it is still running out of stock. Due to메이저놀이터 the unexpectedly great popularity, places selling ‘Muktaekang’ and ‘Nogari Chips’ were shared on social networking services ( SNS ), and even people selling them at a much higher price than the selling price appeared on second-hand trading platforms.

While only long-lived snacks survive and ambitious new products disappear after a few years, ‘Muktaekang’ and ‘Nogari Chip’ are said to be gaining popularity immediately upon launch by accurately analyzing the tastes and preferences of the MZ generation and the middle-aged. In particular, as it captures the MZ generation , which likes spicy flavors and is enthusiastic about ‘newtro’ and ‘granny’ trend foods such as nogari and muktae, there is a phenomenon of shortages and shortages. An official in the industry said, “The fact that convenience stores are selling out of stock like this is proof that they are popular with young people, who are the main customers of convenience stores.” He added, “There have been many cases where new products have failed, but ‘Nogari Chips’ and ‘Muktaekang’ are popular products. “It seems to have accurately matched the tastes of the MZ generation,” he explained. He continued, “Because the quantity is small, it is so popular that some stores are protesting why the product is not available and why the purchase quantity is limited.”

However, some are analyzing whether this is ‘out-of-stock marketing’. In the case of Chanel, a representative brand that caused the ‘open run’ crisis, it is not disclosed which products are secured in Dema stores, where the manufacturing quantity itself is very small. Because of this policy, Chanel has no choice but to conduct an ‘open run’. The recent unusual ‘out-of-stock situation’ of ‘Nogari Chip’ and ‘Muktaekang’ is also being questioned as a benchmark for ‘out-of-stock marketing’. Obtaining ‘out of stock products’ and ‘reselling’ them is also similar. Those who have had difficulty obtaining ‘Nogari Chips’ and ‘Muktaekang’ are ‘reselling’ them on second-hand platforms at prices that are several times the price of the products. An industry insider said, “Marketing for products that are ‘out of stock’ or ‘out of stock’ is very effective,” adding, “It is the psychology of consumers to be curious even if they are not interested.”

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