On the other hand, there was an incident where he ran into a taxi drunk and was caught by former soccer player Chun-Soo Lee. To see what the situation was like last night (4th), we secured a video of the black box of the car.

Reporter Park Ji-young reports.


A man in white runs fast.

A man in black follows him.

Last night, a taxi was hit by a vehicle trying to cut in at the driveway near Dongjak Station on Olympic Road toward Gimpo Airport.

When the driver abandons the car and runs away메이저놀이터, the taxi driver chases after him.

A car watching this scene stops.

Then the passenger comes out first and runs, and soon after, the driver starts running in the same direction.

This is the manager who drove the car with former soccer player Chun-Soo Lee.

Mr. Lee and the manager stopped the car on the road and chased the hit-and-run criminal.

Lee’s group stopped the car after hearing the victim’s cries for help.

I was wearing slippers in the rain, but I followed him for several hundred meters.

Lee’s party caught the culprit together with the police who were dispatched after receiving a report.

Lee’s appearance after returning to the vehicle was also included in the vehicle’s black box.

At the time of arrest, the criminal’s blood alcohol level was at the level of license revocation.

The police plan to arrest the man for questioning.

Mr. Lee said, “I did something obvious,” and said, “I feel embarrassed as if I did something great.”

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