Professional volleyball preparing for the new season is noticeably strengthening its diversity. The number of foreign coaches is gradually increasing, and the introduction of the Asian Quarter has enriched the quantity and quality of foreign players.

First, the face of the command tower has changed. In the men’s division, Korean Air coach Tommy Tillikainen (Finland) was aiming for a fourth consecutive combined championship, and OK Financial Group appointed Ogino Massage (Japan) as its new coach on the 29th. In the women’s division, Heungkuk Life Insurance coach Marcello Abondanza (Italy), who took office at the end of last season, is re-challenging for the championship, and Aachen Kim Pepper Savings Bank coach (USA) is also preparing for the first season. Four out of 14 men’s and women’s clubs are foreign coaches.

This is the first time in professional volleyball that four foreign coaches lead the team in one season. In the meantime, professional volleyball has rather strong pure-bloodedism to the extent that it is difficult to find a foreign coach. In the men’s division, it was not until 2020 that Korean Air appointed head coach Roberto Sintali (Italy), and the first foreign commander was appointed. For women, the situation was not much different. As the change approaches, the local command towers are also showing their vigilance. Hyundai Capital coach Choi Tae-woong said after the first round of the men’s championship decision last season, “Recently, foreign coaches keep winning,” and “Domestic coaches should not do the same as before.”

The Asian quota system, introduced for the first time this time, is fostering diversity in the player base. In the meantime, each club could only employ one foreign player, and their countries of origin were limited to a few countries where volleyball was strong. However, in this Asian quarter draft, all clubs nominated players, and their origins (Mongolia, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, etc.) are Asian regions that have been difficult to see in the league. In particular, the women’s IBK (IBK) Industrial Bank of Korea also showed off its unconventional designation of setter von von Gedpard from Thailand. This is the first time a foreign setter has appeared in the women’s division.메이저사이트

This attempt by professional volleyball is interpreted as an attempt to actively accept the world volleyball trend overcoming the evaluation of ‘stagnant water’. Previously, Kim Yeon-kyung said about the appointment of Abondanza coach, “I think (by recruiting a foreign coach) the players will learn advanced volleyball and broaden their thoughts and broaden their view of volleyball.” Kim Yeon-kyung played most of his active career in Turkey, China, etc., and has encouraged his players to ‘actively advance abroad’ through YouTube. The current head coach of the women’s volleyball team is coach Cesar Gonzalez (Spain).

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