What was more pleasing to Seoul Samsung than escaping from a 5-game losing streak or Lee Jung-hyun’s 30 points?

Samsung has escaped from a long losing streak. In the match against Jeonju KCC held on the 17th, Samsung won 87-72 and escaped from a 5-game losing streak.

In fact, it didn’t look easy given the atmosphere of Gyeonggi-do that day. Jonathan Alledge, a substitute for Marcus Derrickson, who left due to injury, joined, 안전놀이터 but it was a situation where great expectations could not be expected. The team atmosphere fell to the floor as the players were injured. On the other hand, Jeonju KCC shook off the sluggishness at the beginning of the season and recently improved their performance. It was also an away game in Jeonju, where the fans’ enthusiasm was hot.

However, from the beginning of the game, he took the initiative and went out. At the end of the game, there was a crisis in KCC’s pursuit, but veteran Lee Jung-hyun’s ‘solver instinct’ relatively(?) finished the game stably.

Lee Jung-hyun, who scored 30 points alone, including performance in the match, was the MVP of the day. A fact that no one can deny. It was a match against his parents’ team, and he must have wanted to show ‘I’m still alive’ to KCC, who almost abandoned himself and recruited Heo Woong and Lee Seung-hyun instead.

However, without this player, Lee Jung-hyun’s performance would have faded. 2nd year center Cho Woo-sung was the ‘scene stealer’. Cho Woo-sung played 25 minutes and 10 seconds that day, recording 10 points and 10 rebounds’double double’. He is 2m6 tall, so he is a player who can show his strength in rebounding. What stood out on this day was the attack full of aggressiveness, including the middle shot that went up without hesitation.

When Jo Woo-sung scored the necessary points in the middle, Samsung’s attack unfolded naturally like water. If a goal is not produced during a chance at a specific position, it is a headache because the opponent can leave that side empty and focus on the other side of the defense.

The thrill of the first double-double in his life. He also held the record for most points and rebounds in a game. There was a record of 10 points against Goyang Orion last season, so the score was tied, but 10 rebounds was a career high.

After graduating from Dongguk University last season, he made his debut after being nominated in the 3rd round of the rookie draft. Jo Woo-sung left his name in KBL history.

It is not easy to raise domestic players. The skills of new players are gradually deteriorating. Especially at the big man position. Since the introduction of the foreign player system, he has become a difficult stage to survive except for a few exceptional domestic centers. At most, most of the players played for 5 to 10 minutes, fouled, and played rough defense.

Jo Woo-sung also has the advantage of being incredibly tall, but he was selected in the 3rd round for a reason. He’s slow and lacks shooting. However, he proved against KCC that this could be a preconceived notion. While making use of his strong points, height and power, he showed the possibility that he could make a ‘long run’ if he was equipped with his middle shooting ability to some extent.

It can be a great fortune for Jo Woo-sung to meet coach Eun Hee-seok, who gives many opportunities to young players. Coach Eun picked Jo Woo-sung as one of the players who trained most diligently during the off-season. He’s giving it a chance as promised. I hope that Jo Woo-sung will grow into a great native big man with his memorable double-double as a stepping stone.