FC Anyang has a problem.

On the 2nd, Anyang’s foreign striker Jonathan Moya was caught driving drunk. Anyang said through the official channel,스포츠토토 “Jonatan was caught driving drunk on the morning of the 2nd. Anyang confirmed the drunk driving and immediately reported it to the Professional Football Federation. After figuring out the details, we plan to take appropriate disciplinary action. ” said

On the 4th, the Professional Football League issued a 60-day ban on Jonathan. Apart from the disciplinary action of the Professional Football Federation, it was expected that the disciplinary action would be imposed within Anyang as well, and Anyang officially announced that it had terminated the contract with Jonathan on the same day. Anyang’s position was that it decided to terminate the contract because the issue of drunk driving was serious.

It was an expected result to some extent because there was already a precedent between Jeonbuk Hyundai and Kunimoto. Anyang’s response was clear. However, it is also true that Anyang was hit hard by this decision.

This is because Jonathan occupied a large share in Anyang. Jonathan, who scored 9 goals last season, was continuing his good performance by scoring 5 goals in 5 games this season. In addition, Jonathan was a player who used his excellent physical condition to fight against opposing defenders from the front and team play to link with his teammates. This is why the vacancy of Jonathan, who had a high influence on the team, is felt greatly.

In addition, Anyang had sent out a large number of key resources such as Akosti, the K-League 2 helper last season, Kim Gyeong-jung, and Baek Sung-dong ahead of the season. In this situation, Anyang lost another key force due to Jonathan’s unexpected eccentricity.

Anyang’s plans to promote may also be disrupted. Anyang, who failed to win promotion after losing to Suwon Samsung in the promotion playoffs last season, have been leading the ranking competition since the beginning of this season. They are undefeated with 3 wins and 2 draws in 5 matches, and are ranked 2nd in the league with 11 points. Anyang’s performances and results in the last 5 games showed that Anyang prepared for this season by grinding their teeth. While the team was doing well, Jonathan poured cold water on them.

Jonathan’s vacancy is expected to be filled by Park Jae-yong. Park Jae-yong has a good physical condition similar to Jonathan, so he shows a good appearance in a competition situation with the opponent’s defense, and it is evaluated that his foot technique is not bad. After joining Anyang, he is having a somewhat disappointing time, but Kim Ryun-do is also an attacking option Anyang has. Attention is focusing on how Anyang will overcome the sudden difficulties.

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