A 3-year-old girl, who fell into unconsciousness in an accident five days after birth, saved 4 of her peers through organ donation and became a star in the sky메이저놀이터.

According to the Korea Tissue Donation Institute on the 29th, Jeong Ah-yeong (3) died after donating her heart, lungs, liver, and kidneys to four people at Busan Yangsan University Hospital on the 29th.

Five days after she was born, Ayoung suffered a head injury and fell unconscious in her neonatal unit. Since then she has not regained her consciousness for three years and she has been receiving outpatient treatment at University Hospital, where she is kept on a ventilator. But on the 23rd she lost her heart rate and she went into brain death. Her two older brothers, who are 6 and 8 years older than Ah-yeong, spent a lot of time with Ah-yeong at her house. However, the pity of her remaining family is great because she had to watch her lying down all the time without ever seeing her bright smile.

It is said that the family had a wish to give meaning to the world when Ayeong-yang left. Although Ah-young passed away after her short life, she decided to donate her in the hope that another life would live on because of Ah-young. Thanks to the determination of her bereaved family, Ah-young’s heart, lungs, liver, and kidneys were able to live and breathe again in the bodies of young friends her age.

Ah-Young’s mother and her father said, “Ah-Young. She is thankful that she was born as our baby and she has had a hard time being confined to her little body. Now she wants to fly free. we’ll be together forever I love you,” said her last goodbye.

Moon In-seong, director of Korea Organ Tissue Donation Agency, said, “The pain of the family members who suffered an accident five days after birth must be very great.” I give my heart,” he said.

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