Lillard wants to win in Portland.

Damian Lillard of the Portland Trail Blazers appeared on the ‘Showtime Sports’ podcast on the 7th (Korean time) and had time to answer questions.메이저놀이터

Lillard had a career-high season this season averaging 32.2 points and 7.3 assists. It is a performance that completely shakes out the regrets of his last season, which he struggled with in the aftermath of his abdominal injury.

But despite Lillard’s brilliant struggle, Portland couldn’t laugh. Portland, which repeatedly fell after an early rise, suffered the humiliation of not being able to participate in the play-in tournament for two consecutive years. The ordeal of novice director Chauncey Billups continued.

As Portland’s slump continued, rumors of Lillard’s transfer also caught fire. Lillard is a representative player who has walked the path of becoming a franchise star, showing resistance to the culture of forming a super team. 

Lillard’s idea is to try to win in Portland first. In an interview last April, he also strongly expressed his desire to strengthen the team’s power to get closer to the championship.

If there is no significant progress at present, no matter how loyal Lillard is, there is no choice but to think about a transfer. Asked about the possibility of the team trading him to a stronger team, Lillard was perplexed and continued to answer. Lillard, who explained that even if he moved as a championship candidate, he could not guarantee success, cited the case of Russell Westbrook as an example.

“It’s a question that’s too daunting to answer,” Lillard said. “The team could trade me to where everyone says I’m a favorite. But how much of a trade would it take to get me out of a team like that? Finals), I don’t think it’s guaranteed. It’s impossible to know if the teammates will be healthy or if they will be able to breathe well.”

“For example, when Russell Westbrook went to the Lakers, at first everyone rated his power highly and welcomed it. I tried to force it to fit in. Nothing like that guarantees a win,” he explained. 

What Lillard wants is a win in Portland. He wants to make good use of the team’s resources and create a force that can get close to winning. Portland, who recently got lucky in the lottery draw and secured the third pick. They are connecting with several high-level players based on this nomination.

“I want Portland to have a chance to win,” Lillard said. “We have the assets to build a team that can compete for championships. If we can’t do that, we’ll have to have a separate conversation with the club.” added.

Can Portland build a strong summer transfer window as Lillard hopes? Attention is focusing on whether the Portland front, which has consistently disappointed fans by making the wrong choices, will be able to bring about good results this time. 

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