Recently, an incident occurred in Italy Serie A due to allegations of financial manipulation. Italian prestigious Juventus was handed a 15-point penalty by the Italian FA. Juventus has been accused of manipulating the transfer fee from 2021 and entering false facts in the accounting books. Paratici (then Juventus general manager), who was involved in the incident, was suspended for 30 months, former president Andrea Agnelli for 24 months, and former Juventus general manager Pavel Nedved for eight months.

The wave spread to Tottenham. Since Paratici is currently in charge of Tottenham, Tottenham has suffered damage. His role at Tottenham was cut short.온라인바카라

The problem did not end here. The more the case was uncovered, the more things Paratici did. In the process of signing defender Cristian Romero from Juventus, a case was raised in which the transfer fee was inflated to solve the financial difficulties of the ‘parent team’.

In the future, the punishment may be further expanded. There is a possibility that the ban may be extended outside the country, according to FIFA rules, Paratici said. Currently, there are even reports that Juventus may receive a heavy punishment of a 20 point reduction.

If this becomes a reality, it will be a significant blow for Tottenham. Since the general manager in charge of Tottenham’s overall transfer system has been suspended, of course the team is bound to be shaken.

Dr Dan Plumley, who observed this situation, told the British ‘Football Insider’: “It won’t be good for Tottenham. They have to change their business model. They have to recheck how they run the club and organize things behind the scenes. “You may need to bring in people or change the structure to make things work.”

He went on to add, “If a suspension occurs, it will cause problems as an operational headache for Tottenham. It will not only affect the structure of the board of directors, but it can also lead to major problems in the transfer business.”

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