Clement Lenglet is thinking of deciding whether to transfer completely after seeing Tottenham Hotspur’s next manager.카지노사이트

Last summer, Tottenham needed a centre-back to fill the left stopper. Ben Davis was doing a good job, but the problem was that only Davis was there. Alessandro Bastoni (Inter Milan), Yosuko Gbardiol (Leipzig), and Pau Torres (Villarreal) were mentioned, but they failed to recruit and Langle was hired on loan.

Langle showed good form at Sevilla and came to Barcelona and formed a duo of center backs with Gerard Pique. He also had the rarity of being a left-footed center back, and in the beginning, he had good defensive skills, but as time went on, he only showed regret. Every time I came out, I made a fatal mistake and the frequency of injuries was frequent.

As Barcelona took the reorganization of the center back, it fell into a gyereuk. Tottenham reached out. There were many suspicious glances at Langley. He was a failed player in Barcelona, ​​and there was criticism of public opinion because his name value and performance were lower than the candidates mentioned. Langle adapted smoothly and played an active role alternately with Davis as a stopper on the left side of the back three.

The possibility of full recruitment is being raised. In the meantime, Spain’Mundo Deportivo’ said on the 16th (Korean time), “Langley wants to know who will be Tottenham’s new manager before deciding to transfer to Tottenham completely.” The remaining conditions are set.

After sacking manager Antonio Conte, Tottenham hired Christian Stellini and Ryan Mason to act as manager. I tried to find a new manager quickly, leaving the rest of the season to the acting manager, but failed every time. Julian Nagelsmann, Luis Enrique and Arne Slott were talked about, but no one took the Tottenham baton. There is a great difficulty in bringing in a new coach because Fabio Paratici has gone out as general manager.

‘Mundo Deportivo’ said: “Tottenham have communicated their intention to sign Lenglet to Barcelona. Tottenham are satisfied with Lenglet. Langle has a contract with Barcelona until June 2026. Before accepting the transfer to Tottenham, “Lenglet wants to know who will come as manager. Tottenham is great, but after going through Conte, Stellini and Mason as assistants, I will wait and see.”

He added, “I need to know what kind of project Tottenham’s new manager is preparing for him to choose whether to stay at Tottenham.”

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