“If (the opponent) is vigilant, Park Dong-won will also play.”

The off-season is refining its power ahead of the new season. The LG Twins are dominating the demonstration game with an active run that drains the opponent’s soul.

LG played eight demonstration games until the KIA Tigers match on the 21st. The record is tied for the lead in exhibition games with 6 wins and 2 losses.

What stands out is the active batting line and stable mound. He ranks third in team batting average (0.278) and second in most hits (77). The pitching staff is continuing their outstanding performance by ranking second in team ERA (3.34) and second in ERA (20 points).

However, there are other hidden advantages of LG. Juru right away When fielders get on base, anyone is ready to run at any time. Also, even if it is not stealing, it presses the opponent with active running.

A representative example was the game against Lotte on the 18th. On this day, LG succeeded in stealing 7 bases in one game. What stands out more is that all players who successfully steal bases are different. Seven different players stole the base.

LG coach Yeom Gyeong-yeop explained the team’s active base running. “(Rather than special instructions for stealing bases), I have been preparing since the camp. Under the leadership of coaches Jong-beom Lee and Min-ho Kim, the players are doing well. I think it’s one of the colors,” he said.

Coach Yeom emphasized that all players can play. A typical example is Park Dong-won. After stepping on the first team stage as a member of Nexen Heroes (currently Kiwoom) in 2010, Park Dong-won had only 10 stolen bases in 11 seasons until last year. Judging from the record, it seemed that he had no connection with stealing bases, but manager Yeom smiled and said that Park Dong-won could also steal bases at any time.

Director Yeom said, “If (the opponent) is vigilant, Park Dong-won will also run. If the opponent throws comfortably, (Park) Dong-won can live long enough. If you run while you’re not paying attention, it creates an image of ‘running’ to the opponent.”

“It will instill an image that all players can move. In the end, stealing is linked to offense. If the runner doesn’t run, the pitcher easily competes with the batter. “You have to do it. When these things come together, there is a higher chance of miscasting than throwing comfortably. If the catcher allows stealing, it will definitely take damage. Being able to shake the opposing catcher is a big advantage.”

Manager Yeom constantly emphasized base running and revealed his thoughts on the basic plan for team game operation. “The basic plan for LG game operation is to go one more base and block the opponent’s one base. I think it is also possible to do so.메이저사이트 I have the ability to move about 5 people. Ha) I will take a variety of scoring routes,” he said with strength.

LG’s running baseball is currently in progress. In the two consecutive matches against KIA held on the 20th and 21st, he stirred the ground by adding 8 stolen bases. During the demonstration game, the team stole 24 bases, making an overwhelming difference with the second-place NC Dinos (9), drawing attention.

LG’s run doesn’t seem to stop for the time being. It is interesting to see what results LG Baseball, where Park Dong-won also plays, will produce this season.

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