CNN “Samsung is leading the market”

A new type of smartphone, flip phone, is gaining popularity온라인카지노, and a foreign media report said that Samsung Electronics is leading the related market.

According to the industry on the 17th, the US CNN broadcast on the 11th said in a 5 minute 18 second report titled ‘Flip phones are returning to Asia’, “Unlike the overall mobile industry, which is in decline, the foldable sector is growing.” It was stated like this. The broadcast introduced that foldable mobile phones, which led the way in the 1990s, are returning to the smartphone market after the launch of Samsung Electronics’ Galaxy Flip in 2000.

Foldable phones still account for only 1% of the overall smartphone market, which is still small, but the market size is growing, with the growth rate expected to be 25% this year. Accordingly, China’s Huawei, Oppo, and Motorola are launching foldable smart phones one after another. The broadcast reported that although phones are being released one after another, Samsung Electronics, a ‘big tech’, is leading the market.

Patrick Chaumet Samsung Electronics MXIn an interview, the head of consumer experience (vice president) of the (Mobile Experience) Division said, “Customers want a bigger screen, but when it gets bigger, at some point they won’t be able to hold it with one hand.” He added, “Even in a small size, we can provide customers with more smartphone functions.” “I thought about how to provide it,” he said. “We are focused not only on hardware but also on providing a better experience for users,” he continued, adding that even in the competitive flip phone market, “only a few can innovate, guarantee durability and quality, and have scale, and that is what we do.” He expressed confidence that he could lead the market.

Samsung Electronics began selling the Galaxy Z Flip 5 and Z Fold 5 last August, and recorded sales of 1.02 million units in a week-long pre-sale in Korea before the official launch.

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