There are people who, even if they diligently control their diet메이저놀이터 and exercise, their lower body fat is not particularly shed compared to their upper body. In fact, it is easier for our body to accumulate fat in the lower body than in the upper body. Why? This is because there are many ‘alpha -2

receptors’ in the lower body that inhibit lipolysis . In particular, there is a lot of cellulite on the thighs, so it is difficult to lose weight even among the lower parts of the body. Cellulite refers to a condition in which connective tissues such as fat tissue, body fluids, and collagen fibers clump together due to impaired blood circulation or lymph circulation, and the skin surface becomes bumpy like an orange peel. This is why when you gain body fat, you gain weight from your thighs. On the other hand, there are many ‘beta receptors’ that help break down fat in the upper body. Beta receptors bind to lipoprotein lipase enzymes involved in the breakdown and storage of fat to help break down fat. In particular, the face has smaller fat particles, so it loses weight the fastest among the upper body parts. If the particles of fat are small, even a little exercise burns fat quickly. When dieting, not only fat but also muscles and ligaments are reduced, and because of this, the elasticity of the face drops, creating an illusion of losing more weight.

In order to quickly lose weight in the lower body, lunges are effective. Place your hands on your waist, spread your feet about the width of your pelvis, spread your right foot forward about 70 to 100 cm, and raise the heel of your left foot. Looking straight ahead, bend your right knee at 90 degrees with your back and waist straight, and lower your body so that your left knee does not touch the floor. When coming up again, do not use recoil, but come up with the power of the lower body. It is important to slow down and not twist your body. In addition, it is effective to exercise while consciously feeling the stimulation on both legs. It is also important to prevent the accumulation of body fat by reducing high carbohydrate and high fat intake, and to promote metabolism by increasing dietary fiber intake.

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