One of the old beliefs in baseball is that the taller the pitcher, the better.
However, in professional baseball this year, two new pitchers have emerged who show that they can throw a powerful ball even with a small stature.메이저사이트

Park Myeong-geun of LG, who took the mound in the 9th inning, ahead by 2 points.

He added the save by finishing the inning quickly with a fly ball, strikeout, and ground ball.

19-year-old Park Myeong-geun, who graduated from high school this year, throws a fastball that travels over 150km even with a sidearm.

He is 174 cm tall and very small for a pitcher, but he cooks hitters with a wriggling snake fastball reminiscent of Kim Byung-hyun of the past.

▶ Interview: Park Myeong-geun / LG Twins Pitcher
– “The ball’s rotation direction is different from that of an overhand pitcher, so it seems that the ball’s tailing (movement at the end of the ball) or movement is severely involved.”

His short stature pushed him to the third round in last year’s draft, but now he’s the only rookie pitcher to be named an All-Star.

▶ Interview: Park Myeong-geun / LG Twins Pitcher
– “I don’t really think about height as a disadvantage or disadvantage. I think this is one of my charms…”

SSG’s foreign pitcher, Kirk McCarty, is smaller than Myung-Keun Park.

At 173cm, he is the smallest pitcher registered this year and the shortest among foreign pitchers who came to the KBO.

However, he is writing a success story by being reborn as an ace with sharp sliders.

▶ Standing: Kim Han-joon / Reporter
– “Small pitchers who have broken the prejudice that pitchers must always be tall. The word ‘little giant’ fits perfectly. This is MBN News Kim Han-joon.”

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