Hanwha Eagles head coach Carlos Subero smiled broadly after finishing an exhibition game against SSG Landers on the 21st with a 3-3 draw. In the situation of 2 out 1 and 3 base at the end of the 8th inning behind 2-3, SSG pitcher Oh Won-seok took advantage of the 1st base check and 3rd base runner Kim Tae-yeon succeeded in home stealing. This is because it confirmed the feasibility of ‘baseball without running’.

Kim Tae-yeon’s home still had a bench sign, not an independent judgment. Coach Subero found out through power analysis that Oh Won-seok was not big and fast when holding first base in check, and ordered Kim Tae-yeon to home-steal because it was an exhibition game with no burden on the result.

Prior to the exhibition game against the Doosan Bears on the 23rd, coach Subero said, “I usually tell Hanwha players the details of how to solve the game.” I emphasized that we can only get out of last place if we dig deep, and Kim Tae-yeon made this part come true.”

Coach Subero praised Kim Tae-yeon’s courage and boldness in rushing home without delay rather than being pleased with the success of the operation itself. He said, “Even if Kim Tae-yeon was out at home, I was happy.”

Kim Tae-yeon, who is far from a ‘junkik’, immediately threw herself at the home plate as soon as the bench sign was given, and the executive power made Subero laugh. 

After taking office in the 2021 season, coach Subero emphasized the ‘freedom to fail’. In particular, he hoped that young players who did not have much experience in the first team could shake off their worries about the result and play with confidence.

However, the content of Hanwha’s game was not as lively as the team’s performance. The players did not show good performance in base run and operation execution due to contracted movements. It is true that even if we tried to solve the game based on various data, there were many cases where the players hesitated in the play and the ability to perform was not supported.

Coach Subero praised Kim Tae-yeon in the game on the 21st because of his ‘executive power’. My thoughts are that other players, like Kim Tae-yeon,메이저사이트 “do not be afraid and trust the coaching staff to play.” 

Coach Subero said, “I think Kim Tae-yeon’s play gave me an opportunity to feel various things for other players. In the regular season, you have to be able to believe in the bench sign and continue playing.” We need to start showing it,” he stressed.

“In the past few years, players have been frightened even when I explain specific play execution, but Kim Tae-yeon has been very brave,” he said. It depends on the player’s ability to execute, but Kim Tae-yeon showed it well in the SSG match.” 

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