Financial Supervisory Service, Announcement of Supplemental Explanation of Result of Inspection Task Force ( TF

) of Major Investor Damage Management The Financial Supervisory Service once again stated that even if you invested in a lime fund and suffered a loss, if you received a redemption right before a large-scale redemption situation, this is a preferential redemption. It was a refutation of Democratic Party lawmaker Kim Sang-hee’s assertion that “we suffered losses worth tens of메이저놀이터 millions of won.” However, in order to prove the preferential treatment, it is necessary to reveal whether there was prior communication between Rep. Kim and Lime Asset Management, but the Financial Supervisory Service kept quiet about this.

On the 25th, the Financial Supervisory Service announced a supplementary explanation related to the ‘results of the inspection task force ( TF ) of major investor damage management companies’, which are the main points of the above. The Financial Supervisory Service said, “The lime fund crisis caused a large-scale redemption suspension of about 1.7 trillion won due to illegal and poor management, causing losses to numerous investors. ” It is an issue related to four open-end funds that were redeemed in September 2018,” he added.

At the same time, he said, “Out of Lime’s 60 or so open-end funds, only 4 funds were redeemed by bringing funds from other funds or supporting their own funds.” According to the Financial Supervisory Service, at the time, the four funds incorporated insolvent or unmarketable assets, so normal redemption was impossible for temporary mass redemption applications.

The Financial Supervisory Service added, “It is a clear fact that Lime reduced and partially avoided investors’ losses through illegal funding,” adding, “Regardless of whether or not investors suffered losses, we judged this as a preferential repurchase.” He continued, “Even when compared to other investors who suffered from large losses for a long time due to the suspension of redemption, the investors of these four funds benefited.”

Rep. Kim applied for redemption at the end of August 2019 at the recommendation of Mirae Asset Securities, which sold the fund in question. I invested 200 million won, but only 164 million won was returned as a loss. It is this point that the Financial Supervisory Service took issue with. This is because Congressman Kim received the majority of the investment money right before the redemption was suspended.

However, in order to reveal that Rep. Kim received preferential treatment in this process, he should have heard from Lime Asset Management, saying, ‘Withdraw money in advance because the redemption is likely to stop’, but the FSS did not mention this. Rep. Kim emphasized, “There are 16 investors, including myself, who have invested in the Lime Martini Fund No. 4 through Mirae Asset.”

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