It has been confirmed that a teacher at Seoi Elementary School in Seoul메이저놀이터, who took his own life, has requested counseling several times, expressing difficulties in school work.

However, even after seeking various advice, there was no way if the parents of the problem students turned away.

Most of the problems of denominations that were neglected without practical alternatives in problematic situations were the same.

Reporter Kim Hyun-ah reports.

The deceased Seoi-cho teacher is said to have said, “This year is 10 times harder than last year” in relation to her class guidance.

She even sought help from the actual school, in particular, she called for counseling 8 times this year in the first semester alone.

However, teachers and schools were powerless in front of uncooperative parents and malicious complaints.

For children who are angry and irritable, the school asked parents to recommend psychological tests and counseling, but the parents showed signs of discomfort, so it was canceled. ,

The student and his parents kept blaming the teacher, and now he said he really felt it was his fault.

The dispute between students was resolved through school mediation, but after that, the parents found out the individual number and called several times to complain of anxiety, but the school’s measures were not different.

Most of the circumstances were similar, and in one survey, 92.3% of faculty members answered that they or fellow teachers had experienced excessive complaints in school, and 96.8% said that they or fellow teachers had received treatment for depression or had taken a leave of absence due to complaints. I answered.

[Lee Seung-oh / Chairman of the Youth Committee of the Korean Federation of Teachers’ Organizations: I am afraid of who the bullet will be aimed next: students’ refusal to guide students, verbal abuse, malicious complaints from parents, and reports of reckless child abuse.

] I agreed with the revision of the Punishment Law or the preparation of a separate complaint window, but fierce battles between the ruling and opposition parties unfolded over the revision of the Student Human Rights Ordinance.

This is YTN Kim Hyun-ah.

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