The taxi driver was lucky that day. At around 4:50 pm on the 6th, a call was made from Namwon, Jeollabuk-do to Daejeon through a taxi calling app.

Mr. Yang (66) was so excited that he quickly drove to Dongchung-dong, Namwon-si, as mentioned by the passenger. At a glance, the young passenger put his bag down on the seat first and then got into the taxi.

The driver happily asked, “Where are you going in온라인카지노 Daejeon?” On a rare long-distance call, he offered to chat with a customer younger than his daughter.

But the guest said nothing. Mr. Yang asked, “What brought me to Daejeon…” and then saw a suspicious bag placed next to his guest.

At that moment, I remembered something from two years ago. In the past, Mr. Yang was investigated by the police as a witness after picking up a customer heading to Sunchang from Namwon. It turned out that the customer was a criminal involved in telephone financial fraud (voice phishing).

Mr. Yang looked at the passenger and the bag once and asked again, “Student, you’re not going to do anything bad, are you?” Then the passenger, who did not respond, looked surprised and suddenly opened the door and tried to get out of the taxi.

The driver immediately locked the car door and drove the taxi to a nearby district. The police officers who came out of the police station listened to Mr. Yang and checked the passenger’s bag. As expected, there was 20 million won in cash inside.

Passenger A (21) was found to have received instructions from a voice phishing organization in Gwangju and other places and was in charge of collecting cash. It was also discovered that the organization had called a taxi through an app in order to receive cash.

It was for this reason that no answer was given to Mr. Yang when he asked for the exact destination. The prompt action of a taxi driver who had experienced a similar incident in the past prevented voice phishing damage that was causing trouble to the common people.

Mr. Yang said, “I continued to have feelings of regret and guilt, saying that I could have prevented voice phishing if I had paid a little more attention in the past,” and added, “This time, I am proud and at the same time fortunate that I was able to help apprehend the culprit.”

The police awarded Mr. Yang a commendation and a reporting reward for preventing crime through active action.

Kim Cheol-soo, Chief of Namwon Police Station, said, “In a situation where voice phishing damage continues despite continuous publicity, we have prevented another crime with the attention of citizens. We would like to express our gratitude to Mr. Yang and do our best to prevent further crime damage.”

Police booked Ms. A on suspicion of fraud and announced that they would expand the investigation to target the voice phishing organization that instructed her to collect the cash.

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