Adelina Sotnikova (27, Russia), the gold medalist in figure skating women’s singles at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics,’s ‘doping self-certification’ ended in futility. As a result, the probability that Kim Yu-na (33), the “Queen of Figure Skating”, will be named as the gold medalist in this competition has also become virtually zero.

An official from the Korea Sports Council said, “We received a reply from the International Olympic Committee (IOC) about Sotnikova’s doping-related inquiry. The IOC concluded that it would be difficult for her to reinvestigate because Sotnikova has never tested positive in her doping test,” she said on the 7th.

Sotnikova appeared on a YouTube broadcast released on March 13 and said, “She once heard that I tested positive in a doping test in 2014. She then got her second sample tested negative and she was cleared of charges,” she said.

Sotnikova brought up this story because of Kamila Balieva (17, Russia), who tested positive for doping during the 2002 Beijing Winter Olympics. In the process of defending him, she tried to emphasize the fact that ‘the world sports world puts a particularly strict standard on Russian players’.

The International Skating Union (ISU) said at the time메이저놀이터, “The Russian Anti-Doping Agency (RUSADA) has made a (incomprehensible) ruling that Balieva violated anti-doping rules but was not at fault.” (CAS) decided to appeal.”

Up until this point, it was a situation that could have been passed on to the proverbial ‘bend the arm inward’. The atmosphere changed after the YouTube channel edited and uploaded only the interview with Sotnikova on the 5th of last month. Since then, suspicions of Sotnikova’s doping have begun to spread.

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) collects doping test samples in two parts. If the first (A) sample is tested positive, the second (B) sample is also tested to determine doping. Even if sample A is positive, if sample B is negative, it does not go to the next step.

Therefore, even if Sotnikova’s confession was true, there was no problem. However, the Korean Sports Association decided to put the proverb, ‘We hold a memorial service while we see rice cakes’, into action. The Korea Sports Council sent an inquiry to the IOC, saying, “This case (A and B sample test results are different) is a very rare case, so a reinvestigation seems necessary.” It was good if it was ‘this rice thanks to the ancestral rites’, and it was a situation where ‘it was worth paying for it’.

The IOC had already conducted a major reinvestigation of Russian athletes who had already participated in the Sochi Olympics in 2017. As a result, among the medals won by Russian players (teams), 4 medals (3 golds, 1 silver) changed owners, but the women’s single medalist in figure skating remained the same.

When news broke that the Korean Olympic Committee decided to request a reinvestigation from the IOC, Sotnikova said, “I only meant that doping was ‘discovered.’” It’s not my fault,” he explained. It was argued that she did not test positive in the doping test, but only raised the issue of sample damage.

Sotnikova was said to be behind Yulia Lipnitskaya (25) among Russian athletes at the time of the Sochi Olympics. However, in the short program she received a score of 74.64, 0.28 behind Kim Yuna (74.92), making her a gold medal contender as she placed second. Then, in the open free skating, she overturned the match, receiving 149.95 points, 5.76 points more than Kim Yuna (144.19 points).

After the Sochi Games, Sotnikova took off her skates without much success, and at the 2018 PyeongChang Olympics, Alina Zagitova (21), also a Russian representative, won her gold medal. At Beijing 2022, Valiyeva was considered the strongest gold medalist, but she missed her gold medal because of her doping. Her Korean fans would have hoped that Sotnikova, which wrapped her Baliyeba, would also correspond to the proverbial ‘crawfish on the side of crabs’, but in the end, she ended her commotion by saying, ‘Spit on her lips’.

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