Can the Carrot incident be resolved?

The KBL Board of Directors announced on the 24th that Carrot would be disqualified from entering the playoffs if he did not pay the remaining 1 billion won in subscription fee by 6:00 pm on the 31st. Carrot has already confirmed the 5th place in the regular league. If Carrot fails to pay the subscription fee in full, the worst case scenario occurs when the 5th place team falls into the playoffs for the first time.

Carrot said, 온라인카지노“I will pay the subscription fee by the 31st. Even if it becomes difficult to pay, we will notify you in advance so that there are no disruptions to playoff operations and league events.” KBL has already announced that coach Kim Seung-gi and Lee Jung-hyun will attend the playoff media day on the 31st.

Carrot Jumpers CEO Heo Jae and general manager Jung Kyung-ho watched the match against Hyundai Mobis from the stands at the Goyang Gymnasium on the 27th. Ahead of the game, there were media reports that Carrot had prepared 900 million won out of the 1 billion won subscription fee.

I met CEO Huh and asked if it was true. “We have to wait two more days,” he said. I will answer later.” He did not give a definite answer.

Director Jung Kyung-ho, who was present, said, “The company said that we could pay by the 29th. Even if it is late, it is a position that payment is made up to 30 days. He explained that he said that he would announce in advance in the sense of not disrupting the league schedule if he couldn’t make it in 10,000.” 

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