Samsung Electronics sells information technology 메이저놀이터( IT ) devices such as smartphones, laptops, smart watches, and small home appliances such as air purifiers at Baedal Minjok (Baemin) Store. IT devices and home appliances are also intended to implement a quick commerce (immediate delivery) service that is delivered to the customer’s house within an hour after purchase, just like chicken.

Samsung Electronics subsidiary Samsung Store (formerly Samsung Digital Plaza) recently entered Baemin Store. Samsung Store also plans to expand its immediate delivery service, which is currently provided only in the metropolitan area, nationwide within the year at the earliest.

Baemin Store is a service that delivers products from stores such as food, beauty, fashion, books, household goods, and digital devices. Samsung Store entered the ‘Digital Store’ in Baemin Store on the 22nd and started selling products.

There are about 76 Samsung Store stores in the digital store. All are located in the metropolitan area such as Seoul and Gyeonggi. When a customer places an order on the Baemin app, the product is delivered to the delivery driver at an offline store within 3km of the designated delivery location and delivered to the customer within an hour. Delivery tips are also set in the range of 3,000 to 4,000 won, just like delivery food. Considering that it is in the early stages of entering the store, a free shipping event is also underway.

The products sold are 27 items and 119 models, including IT devices such as smartphones, smart watches, wireless earphones, laptops, and tablets, as well as printing consumables and accessories. It started selling small home appliances such as air purifiers that do not require installers.

The reason Samsung Electronics entered the delivery platform is to target the MZ generation who are familiar with the digital environment. They prefer the online shopping experience and want fast delivery. Aside from reasonable price and personal taste customization, fast delivery is a key factor in deciding to purchase a product. It is interpreted as a strategy to create new contact points with consumers b

In fact, quick commerce services are also spreading in the realm of IT devices and home appliances. Seven brands, including PlayStation, Sony, Xiaomi, Razer, and Boss, entered the digital store in Baemin Store. It is known that the latest trending digital devices such as game consoles and headphones are in high demand. Last month, E-Land entered the store for the first time as a domestic home appliance distributor, and began selling small home appliances. Baemin is currently operating a brand hall centered on small home appliances that can be used for quick commerce, but it is known that it will consider expanding the area to large home appliances if demand increases in the future.

Samsung Electronics is also gradually expanding the scope of Quick Commerce service. At the earliest, by the end of the year, all 300 Samsung Store branches beyond the metropolitan area will enter the Baemin Store, expanding the service nationwide.

An official from Samsung Electronics expects, “The partnership between Samsung Store, an offline store, and Baemin Store, an online service, will expand customer contact points and strengthen the service competitiveness of the two companies.”

y providing quick commerce services using online platforms familiar to those in their 20s and 30s.

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