Samsung Display is expected to be the biggest beneficiary of the Apple iPhone 15 launch. It turns out that it has virtually secured a monopoly in the supply of iPhone 15 displays. As a result of differentiated organic light-emitting diode ( OLED ) technology, Samsung Display’s expanding influence within Apple is attracting attention. According to the industry on the 12th, Samsung Display is the only supplier of OLED

to all four Apple iPhone 15 models, and recent volumes have been found to be increasing more than originally planned. The analysis is that as competitor BOE failed to receive approval for panels for the iPhone 15, the volume originally allocated to BOE was transferred to Samsung Display. Samsung Display is increasing orders for related materials and components as iPhone 15 OLED supply increases. According to reports, Samsung Display placed about 20% more orders in September and October than in August. This is to make more OLED panels.

Samsung Display won the right to supply OLED for a total of 4 models, including 2 iPhone 15 Pro models and 2 regular iPhone 15 models . Specifically, the company won orders for power-efficient low-temperature polycrystalline oxide ( LTPO ) OLED for the iPhone Pro and Pro Max models , and low-temperature polycrystalline silicon ( LTPS ) OLED for the regular and Plus models.

BOE reportedly planned to supply LTPS OLED for the iPhone 15, but was unable to receive approval for supply due to quality issues. As approval was not received even메이저놀이터 as the release date approached, it appears that the volume allocated to BOE was transferred to Samsung Display.

An official in the display industry explained, “ It is unclear whether BOE will receive quality approval within the year and there will likely be very little allocated volume this year, so it is understood that Samsung Display is in fact in charge of both general models.” Samsung Display is the only company that supplies OLED

for all iPhone 15 models . LG Display supplies OLED panels for two types of iPhone 15 Pro. LGThe display has currently been approved by Apple for the Pro model, and OLED for the Pro Max is expected to be approved within this month. This means that domestic display companies are supplying all iPhone 15 OLED .

Apple will hold a new product launch event at its headquarters in California on the 12th (local time) and unveil the iPhone 15. The iPhone 15 is characterized by a ‘dynamic island’ in the shape of a hole rather than a recessed ‘notch’ at the top of the display applied to all models. The dynamic island functions as a notification window, and BOE is said to be having difficulty processing the hole display for this function .

According to market research firm Stone Partners, Apple’s iPhone 15 shipment target exceeds 100 million units by the end of this year. As demand for premium products increases, the proportion of iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max shipments is expected to exceed half.

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