Eden Hazard has parted ways with Real Madrid (Real) without completing the contract period. Even the cost Real Madrid invested in Hazard did not pay off properly.

On the 4th, Real announced through official channels that the two sides had agreed to end the contract with Hazard this season. He will completely part ways with Real after 30 days.

Hazard has left a stain on Real Madrid’s history. He was recruited in the summer of 2019 with a transfer fee of 115 million euros (approximately 160 billion won). He had a great performance during his time at Chelsea and was worth a lot of money.토토사이트

Contrary to his expectations, he was left with only disappointment. His frequent injuries prevented him from playing properly. Moreover, it is his failure to manage himself that hastened his injury. He was embroiled in a fat controversy when he failed to manage his weight. As he failed to manage his weight, his injuries became more frequent and his performance declined.

Hazard only scored 7 goals in the 4 seasons he played in the Real uniform. He invested 160 billion won and paid too high a price for the performance he received.

Real could no longer carry Hazard for another season. I ended up canceling his contract without hesitation. At Real Madrid, Hazard remains a name he no longer wants to remember.

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