National striker Hwang Eui-jo (31), who was caught up in the controversy over the leakage of his private life video, filed a complaint with the police. Mr. Hwang’s side explained, “When the defendants did not respond to the threats, the defendants distributed the video in retaliation.”

In particular, they refuted the claims of the defendants who raised the suspicion of illegal filming of Mr. Hwang, saying that they had identified 5 social network service (SNS) IDs related to the video leak.

◇Sue for defamation, threats, etc… According to the police on the 27th, Mr.

Hwang’s side submitted a complaint to the Seoul Seongdong Police Station on charges of violating the Information and Communication Network Act (false facts and timely defamation) and intimidation.

He claims that after losing his cell phone in Greece in October last year, he suffered several threats in English. When Hwang Eui-jo did not respond to the threat, it is believed that he distributed videos related to his private life without permission as part of retaliation.

In addition, on the 25th, an anonymous person who claimed to be a woman caused a stir by posting texts and videos exposing Hwang’s private life along with Hwang’s real name on social media.

Since then, the video and the post have been deleted, but on social media, sales posts for the purpose of ‘profit’ have appeared beyond simple video distribution.

◇ Indiscriminately spreading ‘Hwang’s video’ is punished just for watching… Subject to punishment for all production, distribution, and viewing

In fact, as a result of News 1’s coverage메이저놀이터, it was found that a post saying ‘Hwang Ui-jo’s video is sold’ was spreading online. Posts can be found just by searching on social media.

Under the current law, anyone who produces, distributes, or watches illegally filmed videos is subject to punishment.

If the controversial video is illegally filmed without consent, Hwang may also come under investigation by the police. In response, Hwang’s lawyer explained, “The content that Hwang Eui-jo filmed a hidden camera or gaslighted his girlfriend is all false, and we will take legal action immediately.”

Even in the case of a distributor, under Article 14 of the Sexual Violence Punishment Act, imprisonment for up to 7 years or punishment of up to 50 million won can be imposed. If you repeatedly commit such a crime, you can be punished aggravatedly.

Video viewers can also be subject to punishment. After the so-called ‘nth room incident’, in May 2020, with the revision of the ‘Act on Special Cases Concerning the Punishment of Sexual Violence Crimes’ (Sexual Violence Punishment Act), even if you watch it, you can be punished by imprisonment for up to 3 years or a fine of up to 30 million won.

◇ Hwang Ui-jo’s side “Confirm 5 IDs… Immediate legal action against those who spread the video”

As the controversy continued to spread, Hwang’s lawyer said that he had confirmed 5 IDs posted on social media and requested an active investigation from the police.

Mr. Hwang’s side claimed, “After obtaining Hwang Ui-jo’s personal cell phone illegally, the accused threatened to distribute videos and photos to Hwang Ui-jo through social media.”

Above all, Mr. Hwang said, “Due to the nature of the case, there is a serious concern that secondary damage related to the private life area will occur.” “We plan to take immediate legal action for violations, etc.”

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