The day of the South High School quarterfinals has dawned.

On the 10th, the match between Yongsan High School and Naksaeng High School in the 48th Association Janggi National Men’s and Women’s Secondary Basketball Championship, which continued at the Sportium Gymnasium in Yeonggwang, Jeollanam-do, ended with the round of 16 matches between the South and High Schools. The outlines of all the teams advancing to the quarterfinals were revealed through the first round of the final, which was held for two days from the 9th.

Prior to the South Gobu quarterfinals, which will begin at noon on the 11th, we listened to the names of the captains of each team.

Muryong High School and Anyang High School decorate the prelude to the quarterfinals. Muryonggo, which lost its pride by being eliminated in the preliminaries in the first tournament of the season, entered the quarterfinals without difficulty as Lee Do-yoon (201cm, C), who is recovering from an injury, improved his condition. Anyang High School, which stood up to this, also easily outplayed Gwangshin Broadcasting Preview.

Lee Do-yoon expressed his determination, saying, “I will prepare hard as if it were the final and play well in the remaining matches.”

Anyang High School captain Bae Hyeon-shik (193cm, F,C) expressed his firm determination, saying, “The current team is in a difficult situation, but I will do my best to go up to a higher place by working hard.”

Hongdae High School, awakened in this competition, will face Busan Jungang High School. Hongik Univ. High School Gil Sang-chan (197cm, F,C) said, “In the first tournament of the season, I was eliminated from the preliminaries and showed a bad performance. So (this tournament) I came out with the mindset of awakening. The goal is unconditionally the semifinals or higher,” he said.

Kang Ji-hoon (183cm, G, F) of JoongAng High School, who is trying to stop the rise of Hongik University High School, said, “As it was difficult to reach the finals, I hope that the team members will come together more closely and achieve good results. Our team’s strength, defense, has to be good to win,” he said, citing defense as a key point in advancing to the semifinals.

Gyeongbok High School will face Jeonju High School, the winner of the Spring League Championship. As soon as the final match was completed, Gyeongbok High School risked life and death before Jeonju. Gyeongbok High School, which was in poor condition in the round of 16, pledged to win by displaying ringer fighting spirit.

Gyeongbok High School’s court leader Kang Tae-hyeon (198cm, G, F) said, “I don’t think I’ve been able to show good performance.온라인카지노 During the break, I will find a point of improvement with my teammates so that I can go to the top with better performance.”

Then Jin Hyun-min (189cm, G, F), who won the MVP of the Spring League match, said, “Every game was difficult. However, his stamina was recharged as he had plenty of time to rest. I will do my best in every game as it has been difficult.”

Daejeon High School, which played Myungji High School, meets the defending champion, Yongsan High School. Daejeon High School Park Gwi-hwan (187cm, G, F) said, “First of all, the first goal, the quarterfinals, was a success. Since all the team members united as one and won (the round of 16), I will try to stick with the mindset of ‘at least draw’ in the quarterfinals.”

Kim Seung-woo (194cm, G, F) of Yongsan High School, who is trying to win three consecutive games, said, “I plan to focus on defense first. I will play a game without regrets, but I will definitely win this time from victory.”

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