“As usual, a customer got into a taxi, and it felt strange. There wasn’t much conversation, but it felt like we should watch it.”

The story of a taxi driver who saved a precious 토토사이트life standing on the threshold of death with a little attention was belatedly known.

Yesterday (15th), according to Yonhap News, around 1:00 am on the 8th, Park In-gyeong (64), who has been working as a taxi driver for 20 years in Chuncheon, Gangwon-do, picked up a passenger in her 50s who said, “Please go to the Soyanggang Maiden Statue.”

Park, who felt strange going to the tourist attraction where the Skywalk was installed at dawn, asked the passenger, “Why are you going there at this time?”

The passenger hurriedly got out of the taxi after briefly replying, “I’m going to get some fresh air.”

As soon as he got out of the taxi, the passenger who stumbled and fell struggled to get up and lean on the stairs near his destination.

Just in case, Mr. Park stopped 10 to 20 meters away from the passenger and watched him for a long time.

Then, seeing the passenger heading to the railing of the statue of a virgin, Mr. Park suspected an extreme choice and immediately reported it to 112.

The firefighters, who arrived at the scene first at the request of the police for a joint response, approached the passengers standing in danger and began to persuade them.

The passenger burst into tears and followed the firefighters to the ambulance.

This is not the first time Park has shown warm interest in a neighbor who is on the verge of death.

He said that when a passenger who asked to go to Soyang Dam tried to make an extreme choice before, he stopped driving that day, had a drink with the passenger, and persuaded them to “live even if it was difficult.”

At the same time, Mr. Park confessed that he was more worried that they would make an extreme choice again than he thought he had “saved” the passengers.

“People who have thought about death once can do it again. That’s what I’m worried about. It’s hard for everyone to live sometimes. Still, you have to live. I hope everyone values ​​their lives.”

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