Kim Hye-ri (32) made up her mind ahead of the World Cup. 

The Korean women’s soccer team, led by coach Colin Bell, won 5-0 in the second match against the Zambia women’s soccer team, led by coach Bruce Mwafe, in Shinsegae E-Mart’s invitational A-match held at Yongin Mir Stadium from 7:00 pm on the 11th.

On this day, Kim Hye-ri, the captain and all-weather defender, played a big role. Kim Hye-ri started as the right stopper in the 3-5-2 formation of the Korean national team. On defense, she led the defense, which could be shaken by Lim Seon-joo’s injury, and made no runs. When she was attacking, she broke down the space behind the opponent with her outstanding kick, including an assist for Park Eun-seon. 

On the same day, coach Bell, who was asked about Kim Hye-ri by STN Sports, said, “(Kim) Hye-ri. You did well. You always did well. I like Hye-ri as captain. I like her players. I like her people. Hye-ri Kim was good every day. No. I always give 100%. There is no problem with both side-back and center-back. He is the perfect captain for the team.” 

In an interview with Mixed Zone after the match, Kim Hye-ri said, “I think it was a good evaluation match before the World Cup because I scored so many goals in two consecutive matches at home. I was able to gain confidence. I wish I could,” he added. 

The following is a Q&A with Kim Hye-ri.

Q. How do you feel after the game?

▶I think it was a good evaluation match before the World Cup because we scored so many goals in the 2 matches at home. I was able to gain confidence. 

Q. The coach said that the game was won by brilliantly attacking Zambia’s backspace. Personally, I think Kim Hye-ri’s kicking ability made this happen. What do you think?

▶It seems that you are over-praised. I was able to make a good pass because the players moved well in preparation for raising the line. I don’t think of myself as a set piece kicker. Because the coach gave me confidence that I can do it and that I am a good kicker. Tried to help attack points. Also, (Park) Eun-seon’s older sister did headers at the right timing, so I think her older sister’s strength is great. 

Q. Regarding the coach’s praise during the press conference after the game.

▶ It’s not always easy to get a place called the national team. It seems to be a basic attitude to always follow a sense of responsibility and always do one’s best as a player. I prepare 100% for every game without making excuses, and I am grateful that the coach sees it well. 

The coach believes in me and gives me strength to make my claim, so I feel empowered and the convocation of the national team is fun. 

Q. What value did you get from the 2nd match?

▶I scored a lot and conceded every single game in England this year. I was angry and upset as a defender, but today it was good because I scored a lot and didn’t concede. (I conceded a goal in the first game), but I knew how to avoid conceding a goal in the second game and how to run the game without a goal. seems to have learned 

Q. The coach said that if you keep a clean sheet, you can buy anything for the squad.

▶If you clean sheets, they will buy you coffee and cake. Even at the last Namhae convocation, he wanted to buy meat outside. At the time, (Lee) Mina was also injured, so it was postponed due to a messy atmosphere. I think the coach will always buy anything if I tell him if I keep a clean sheet. 

He always gives a personal card.스포츠토토 Make a promise in the locker room. When you do well, give them as many carrots as they did well. If you are lacking or lazy, he gives you sharp advice. Thanks to that, I think the team atmosphere is good. 

Q. You said that during the halftime of the first game, coach Colin Bell spoke strongly to the players. It seems that the halftime talk of this game was different from him.

▶ The atmosphere was very different. Just because he’s losing doesn’t mean that. We can do well enough and aggressively, but we can’t. He told me to be very aggressive about that part. Because it’s a game played in Korea, you have to be more aggressive and show a good performance so that interest in women’s soccer increases. As we prepare for the World Cup, we can gain more fans. (Now that the World Cup is approaching) I hope I can prove that the 4 years have not been in vain.

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