Park Hyeon-kyung and Lee Ga-young threw their ballots ahead of the Korea Women’s Professional Golf (KLPGA) Tour PLK Pacific Rings Korea Championship (total prize money of 700 million won).

At a press conference held on the 15th at the club house of Binh Ung Sung Twin Doves Golf Club (par 72) in Vietnam, Park Hyun-kyung revealed her thoughts on her expected ranking, course strategy, and titles she hoped for in the 2023 season.

Park Hyeon-kyung said, “I expect she will do better than last week,” and she did not hide her greed for winning. She tied for second place by a stroke at the Hana Financial Group Singapore Women’s Open, the opening day of the KLPGA 메이저놀이터 Tour held in Singapore last week. With the final three rounds ahead, she was chasing the lead by one stroke, so she aimed for a come-from-behind victory, but it was canceled due to rain, so she swallowed regret.

Regarding her course strategy, Park Hyun-kyung said, “(Looking back at the practice rounds) the approach was difficult when I went to the rough. Even if she is far from the hall, she will focus on the on-green itself,” she explained.

Lee Ga-young said, “I want to add a multiplier next year, but since this year is the last, I am thinking of ‘Top 10’.” She continued, “The greens are steep and the roughs are tangled like weeds. She will play as little as possible in the rough,” she said.

Noh No-rim said that her goal is to win the LPGA Tour next year, but that she would be in the top 20 without any burden in this tournament. She analyzed, “Unlike Florida or the eastern part (USA), you will have to pay attention to the green with many slopes.”

Lim Hee-jung shyly said, “It was hard to get a feel for this year due to an accident” and “I will aim for ‘Top 10’.” Regarding the course of the tournament, he emphasized, “The fairways are wide, so tee shots are fine, but the greens are difficult, so accurate iron shots are important.”

Jang Ha-na is cautiously determined to aim for the ‘Top 20’. He said, “It’s a decision to spend the rest of my 30s happily,” and “I’m changing my swing to lessen injuries.” “When I go to the rough, it feels like the ball is buried in the grass. It is a difficult grass to go short if it is hit even slightly thick. The fairway and green hit rate seem to be important. I will try hard and smartly,” he explained.

Lee So-mi said, “Since she gave her best in every competition, I don’t want to say that she will do her best separately because it is the last competition of the year.” She is Lee So-mi, and she is determined to focus on managing her physical condition. She added, “(Course strategy) should be done as the players said before,” but she added, “It is a hot day, so I wonder if physical condition management is important.”

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