A parent who was embroiled in controversy after throwing a ‘pooty메이저놀이터 diaper’ in the face of a daycare teacher said, “This is the cry of a parent who suffered emotional child abuse.”

Mr. A, a parent of a daycare center in Sejong City, said in a phone call with Yonhap News on the 14th, “It was wrong to throw the diaper (at the teacher) and I will take responsibility for this incident,” but added, “This incident is a crime for parents who suffered emotional child abuse.” “I hope people see it as a scream,” he said.

Regarding the situation at the time of throwing the diaper, Mr. A said, “I was embarrassed because he recklessly came into the hospital room (hospital), where entry is prohibited except for guardians, without prior notice.” He added, “I was taking care of my second and first children, who were in pain after not being able to sleep all day, and suddenly came to visit. “When I saw the teacher, the anger that had been building up for a long time burst out,” he explained.

Ms. A claims that her two-year-old child suffered child abuse at her daycare center. It is alleged that the daycare center abused Mr. A’s son by making him sleep alone in a dark room. In fact, Mr. A reported the homeroom teacher and director of the daycare center to the police on charges of child abuse on the 9th, the day before the diaper throwing incident.

Mr. A said, “My child suddenly said at home, ‘I’m scared of sleeping alone in a dark room,’ so I checked with the daycare center, but at first they said they had never done anything like that.” He added, “I asked to check the CCTV, and only then did they say, ‘I did it because the child wanted it . ‘ changed,” he claimed.

Meanwhile, Mr. B, the husband of a teacher who was a victim of diaper throwing, wrote in a petition on the National Consent Petition website on the 12th, “The police arrested the parent who struck his wife’s face with a poop-stained baby diaper when she came to apologize to a parent who claimed child abuse. “I am filing a complaint and writing this,” he said, adding, “Bad teachers can be punished, but what about teachers who cannot avoid bad parents? Please institutionalize a shield so that teachers can also defend themselves.”

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