These days, baseball players’ ceremonies are becoming more diverse. After making a hit, perform the same motion ceremony with the dugout teammates.

At the WBC, Japan’s Lars Nuthba performed a ‘pepper grinder’ ceremony and became a hot topic.

The Los Angeles Angels are using a Samurai Kabuto helmet recently ordered by Shohei Ohtani as a dugout ceremonial tool.

The Atlanta Braves are celebrating by putting a big hat on the player who hit the home run.

The Boston Red Sox offer inflatable dumbbells.

In the case of the Pitchburg Pirates, after a hit, the player pulls something from his waist and swings it. This is the so-called knife ceremony.

When a home run is played, the dugout mates hand the knife to the player who hit the home run. The player who receives the knife makes a motion as if to cut his teammate with the knife.

After Choi Ji-man hit a home run against Houston on the 12th (Korean time), a knife ceremony was held in the dugout.

Choi Ji-man,온라인카지노 who received a sword from a colleague, swung it like a pirate.

It is known that Pittsburgh thought of a ceremony reminiscent of the team’s name, ‘Pirates’, and decided to hold a dugout ceremony with the knife after seeing a spectator holding and wielding a knife.

Although it was a prop knife, it was a somewhat ‘eerie’ sight.

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