The back story that right-handed pitcher Senga Godai (30), who occupied Japan’s professional baseball with his 164km fastball and ‘ghost forkball’, may have been canceled at all, was revealed.

Last year, while playing for the Softbank Hawks of the Nippon Professional Baseball, Senga showed outstanding pitching with an ERA of 1.94 with an ERA of 11-6, marking a career record of 87-44 with 1 save and an ERA of 2.59, and threw a challenge to advance to the major leagues. The team that caught Senga’s hand was the New York Mets, and he succeeded in entering the big leagues by signing a contract with the Mets for 5 years and 75 million dollars (approximately 92 billion won).

The Mets, which are showing aggressive moves this offseason, agreed to a 12-year, 315 million dollar (approximately 386 billion won) 메이저사이트 contract with large shortstop Carlos Correa, but suffered the pain of the contract being canceled after failing to pass the medical test. However, it was revealed that Senga also had issues related to his physical condition.

The US ‘New York Post’ said on the 3rd (Korean time), “Sengado had a body problem like Corea.”

‘The New York Post’ said, “Senga’s $75 million contract with the Mets is slightly more than mid-range starting pitcher Taihuan Walker,” and “the reason was poor medical problems.” said to have had an impact.

Still, the Mets went ahead with the contract with Senga. “The New York Post” said, “There was an invisible cooperation between the Mets and Senga behind the scenes,” and “experts say that it is common for Japanese pitchers to have arm problems early on because they throw many innings from a young age.”

Obviously, there were abnormalities in the course of the medical test, but it does not seem to be serious enough to cancel his contract. The media also said, “The Mets expressed confidence that Senga will be healthy in the 2023 season.”

Meanwhile, Senga has given up participating in the World Baseball Classic (WBC) in order to adapt smoothly to the major league stage this year. Although the joining of Senga was canceled in Japan, 5 big leaguers, including Shohei Otani (LA Angels), Yu Darvish (San Diego Padres), Masataka Yoshida (Boston Red Sox), Seiya Suzuki (Chicago Cubs), and Las Nutba (St. Louis Cardinals) is about to depart.

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