We can also challenge to win the Premier League.” “When has Tottenham ever won a title?”

Tottenham Son Heung-min revealed his aspirations ahead of the game against Arsenal on the morning of the 16th. But fans are laughing at it.

The British media reported that ‘Son Heung-min predicted Tottenham after evaluating Arsenal in three blunt words’.

Son Heung-min insisted that Tottenham can challenge for the Premier League title, although they are 11 points behind archrival Arsenal ahead of the North London derby. Arsenal are 1st in the league with 44 points, while Tottenham are 5th with 33 points.

Of course, they are 5th, but they are only 2 points behind 3rd place Newcastle and 4th place Manchester United. A Champions League re-entry is possible.

As Son Heung-min claims, if Tottenham beats Arsenal, the gap will be reduced to 8 points. Son Heung-min said, “We do not prioritize the cup. The Premier League is long and anything can happen all the time.”

“There are still many games left,” he said. We still believe in winning the league. “We have to give everything we have, but obviously the Champions League and FA Cup are very important for the club, the players and the fans.”

“We lost to them on the road, so we have to overcome a lot of obstacles to do well again this week,” Son Heung-min said. “I think the fans were really disappointed when we lost on the road. You have to do a lot of work at home. Everyone has to be ready to throw in, and we are ready to do that.”

However, fans who heard the news were a bit cynical. 먹튀검증 Regarding Son Heung-min, he commented, “Son Heung-min, who will lose again, will have to wear a black mask again to cover his face.”

Another fan asked, “Hahaha…when has Tottenham ever won the Premier League?” It was pointed out that the EPL has never won a championship since its inception.

Also, there are fans who wrote, “Tottenham has no chance of winning the Premier League” or “It would be lucky just to record a draw against Arsenal, who are better than Tottenham.”

Meanwhile, Tottenham will have the 19th round of the league at home against Arsenal at 1:30 am on the 16th in Korea time.

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