“If Woods hadn’t had the intention of continuing to compete, he wouldn’t have had the surgery.”

‘Golf legend’ Jack Nicklaus (83) said this about Tiger Woods (48, USA), who recently underwent ankle surgery, and revealed the contents of his conversation with Woods.

U.S. Golf Week announced on the 2nd, “Nicklaus said that he sat next to Woods and talked a lot at the Champions Dinner early last month before the opening of the Masters.”

According to Nicklaus, Woods said at the time, “I’m playing really well. He hits the ball well, has a short game, and putts well. I just can’t walk very well.”

“He also said, ‘I’d do anything to help me walk normally,'” Nicklaus added.

Woods played the first round of the Masters, his first major of the season, from 7 April after the Champions Dinner. This year, however, Woods limped his leg noticeably and withdrew before the remainder of the third round.

Later, on the 20th, Woods announced that he had undergone ankle surgery to treat post-traumatic inflammation of the ankle bone in his right ankle, which was broken in a car accident in February 2021.

Woods, 47, chased Nicklaus’ 18 major wins throughout his career. Woods has 15 wins in majors.

“Woods is a young man who is very motivated and committed to continuing to play golf,” Nicklaus said, adding that he may have had ankle surgery because he intends to continue playing.

Experts predicted that Woods would need to recover and rehabilitate for at least six months. As a result, the possibility of Woods participating in the remaining major tournaments of this year, the PGA Championship in May, the US Open in June, and the Open Championship in July, seems remarkably low.

Woods had a car rollover accident in Los Angeles, USA in February 2021, and was seriously injured to the point of amputation of his leg. Earlier this month, he expressed that he did not know how much longer he could continue his playing career because of his physical condition ahead of the Masters.바카라사이트

The Masters was delayed due to bad weather, which forced Woods to play 29 holes at a time on the final day. Concerns were raised about whether Woods would be able to complete the entire 29-hole play as he was caught on camera seriously lame before the game was stopped in the third round. Eventually, he withdrew before the remainder of the third round.

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