A BJ woman in her 20s revealed that she had been imprisoned and assaulted by her husband, raising suspicions that it was a ‘self-immolation’, but it was confirmed that it was all true. This woman confessed that her husband forced her to expose herself on air and that she had to take responsibility for the livelihood of her in-laws and her family.

Recently, JTBC ‘s ‘Incidence Team Leader’ covered the case of BJ Cheon Ye-seo (26), who goes by the stage name ‘Bitberry’, and was imprisoned and assaulted by her husband,메이저놀이터 Mr. A.

Previously, suspicions of hacking arose on Mr. Cheon’s Instagram after a series of posts with unknown meanings along with words such as ‘death’ and ‘murder’ were posted.

Then, on the 17th of last month, Ms. Cheon posted on her Instagram, “Starting around 5 a.m. on the 13th, she was assaulted and detained by her assailant (her husband), and her cell phone was stolen.” She then confessed to the victim, saying, “Around 7 p.m. on the 14th, the assailant hit me on the back of the head with a wooden cutting board and strangled me. I was confined with my hands and feet tied until 5 a.m.”

Afterwards, some netizens raised suspicions, calling it a ‘scam’, but the content of Mr. Cheon’s post was found to be true.

According to the ‘incident leader’, her husband, Mr. A, asked Ms. Cheon, “Are you having an affair?” and when Ms. Cheon confronted her by saying, “Yes, I did,” he strangled Ms. Cheon, cut her hair with her scissors, and assaulted her. Afterwards, Mr. Cheon was locked in the bathroom until morning, and while Mr. A was out of the house for a while, the police were dispatched after a report from an acquaintance, and he succeeded in escaping.

Afterwards, Ms. Cheon stayed at her temporary accommodation, but Mr. A did not stop there and confronted Ms. Cheon, asking her to agree on the terms of her divorce, and then assaulted her again.

Ms. Cheon said, “(My husband tried to kill me) by strangling me. I really felt like I was going to die, so I begged, but he said it was already too late. He said, ‘You already missed your chance. You can’t survive here today,’ and tied my hands and feet behind my back.” He reported the situation at the time.

Afterwards, it was reported that Ms. Cheon ran away while her husband was asleep and reported it to the police station. Mr. Cheon has been a BJ

for about 6 years.She started broadcasting three months after giving birth due to her husband’s persistent encouragement, and in the process, she was reportedly forced to do things she did not want to do, such as wearing revealing clothes.

Ms. Cheon confessed, “Her husband told me that exposing my breasts was a must on TV, so he started dressing me in sexy clothes.” She said, “At first, I followed without knowing anything, but my depression got worse as I saw people saying, ‘You’re the baby’s mother, why are you exposing your breasts?’, ‘She’s a prostitute,’ and ‘She’s a prostitute.'”

She also said, “I was the only one who could make money at home. My husband managed all the money I earned from broadcasting, and my in-laws also lived off the money I earned.”

Ms. Cheon is said to have been hospitalized for her mental illness after her husband’s behavior.

Meanwhile, her husband, Mr. A, often appeared on Mr. Cheon’s broadcasts, and two years ago, she even made a self-harming fuss while broadcasting under her username, Mr. Cheon. Person A is currently being detained and sent on charges of special assault, rape, and injury.

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