It has been reported that the mother of the defendant in her 30s, who was arrested and imprisoned for the ‘Suwon refrigerator infant body incident’, is currently in the second trimester of pregnancy.

At the trial of Mr. A on charges of murder and concealment of the body held at the Suwon District Court Criminal Division 12 (Presiding Judge Hwang In-seong) on ​​the 11th, the defense lawyer asked her husband, Mr. B, who appeared as a witness, “The defendant is currently 15 weeks pregnant. Do you know this fact?” Mr. B replied, “I heard it through an interview.”

Considering the number of weeks of pregnancy메이저놀이터, it is presumed that Ms. A became pregnant before the crime was discovered by investigative agencies.

During the interrogation that day, the defense lawyer reprimanded the husband’s indifference to his wife, who repeatedly became pregnant and gave birth.

He said, “After giving birth to three children by cesarean section, the defendant gave birth to the victim in a method that even obstetricians and gynecologists did not recommend. It is said that she chose this method because she did not want to inform her husband of the pregnancy and did not have consent,” he said. “Why would a person called the husband act so irresponsibly? “I’m angry that they didn’t even care about birth control,” he said.

In response, Mr. B said, “If I had acted properly, her wife would not have done that,” and added, “I think I continued to commit invisible harm to her spouse. “She feels responsible.”

Person A’s side claims that the defendant committed the crime in a state of extreme excitement, including postpartum depression.

However, the prosecution presented the contents of the KakaoTalk conversation the defendant had with her husband at the time of the crime and countered that there was no evidence to suggest that the defendant was in a different state of mind than usual at the time of the crime.

Previously, Mr. A was arrested and indicted on charges of murdering two babies born in November 2018 and November 2019 and storing their bodies in a refrigerator in his apartment. She, who already has three children with her husband, B, including a 12-year-old daughter, a 10-year-old son, and an 8-year-old daughter, was found to have committed this crime when she became pregnant again while experiencing financial difficulties.

Mr. A brought her daughter home after giving birth at the hospital around November 2018 and strangled her to death. He is the fourth child and first murder victim. Then, in November 2019, she gave birth to her fifth child and second murder victim, a son, at the hospital and then died in the same manner in an alley near the hospital.

Mr. A put the babies’ bodies in a black plastic bag and stored them in the refrigerator.

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