Dankook University defeated Suwon University. 

Dankook University won 66-39 against Suwon University in the 2023 KUSF University Basketball U-League Women’s Division held at Dankook University Cheonan Campus Gymnasium on the 24th. 

2nd place Dankook University recorded 3 wins and 1 loss, threatening Suwon University (4 wins and 1 loss). Suwon University suffered its first defeat after opening.

Dankook University’s Moon Ji-hyeon (17 points) tried 7 3-pointers and scored 5 of them. Park Sung-eun (15 points) and Park Ji-soo (12 points) also did their part by posting double-digit scores.

Suwon University was defeated after Lee Na-ra recorded 13 points and 7 rebounds, but suffered from a lack of scoring overall. 

Dankook University took the lead with Mun Ji-hyeon’s 3-point shot in the low-scoring aspect at the beginning of the game. Then, Suwon University immediately followed with Kang Min-ji’s 3-point shot. Dankook University, which continued to fight, did not lose its advantage by supporting the outskirts until Park Ji-soo. The first quarter ended with Dankook University leading 15-12.

Dankook University, who started the second quarter with Park Ji-soo’s footback score, widened the gap with Kim Seong-eon popping a jumper. Blocked by the opponent’s defense, Suwon University struggled hard to score, and Suwon University ran away step by step. At the end of the quarter, Dankook University calmed Suwon University’s pursuit with Mun Ji-hyeon and Jeong Yoo-jeong’s 3-point shot, and the first half ended with a score of 32-22.카지노사이트

The game fell in the third quarter.

As the third quarter began, Suwon University attacked Dankook University from the inside. Then Dankook University Mun Ji-hyeon made another 3-point shot and maintained a double-digit score gap. Dankook University Park Seong-eun, who found her composure, also ran away by succeeding in mid-range jumpers from a long distance. Dankook University, led by Moon Ji-hyeon and Park Seong-eun, finished the third quarter with a score of 53-29.

There was no significant turnaround in the fourth quarter. Dankook University, who seized the victory, began to solidify by controlling Suwon University’s attack well. Dankook University, whose outside shots exploded throughout the game, celebrated the victory with a 3-point shot by freshman Park Hye-sun. 

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