2022-2023 professional basketball regular league last 29 As the work draws to a close, ‘Spring Basketball’ begins. From the 2nd of next month, starting with the playoffs in the round of 6 (PO, 5 matches, 3 wins), a fierce battle for the championship match will be held.

Anyang KGC Ginseng Corporation, which confirmed first place in the regular league after six years, and Changwon LG, which took second place in the regular league, succeeded in directing to the semifinals PO after nine years.

3rd place Seoul SK and 6th place Jeonju KCC, 4th place Ulsan Hyundai Mobis and 5th place Goyang Carrot will have no place to retreat to advance to the semifinal PO.

What was interesting until the end of the regular season was the fight for second place with a direct ticket to the PO in the semifinals. While Ginseng Corporation confirmed its first place in the regular league on the 26th, the second place remained in the fog until the final day of the season. With one last game left, LG and SK were tied for second place with 35 wins and 18 losses, and Hyundai Mobis was closely chasing by one game with 34 wins and 19 losses.

It was LG who laughed last. LG confirmed second place by defeating Hyundai Mobis in the last game of the regular league held at the Changwon Gymnasium on the 29th.

SK defeated Wonju DB on the same day and became 36-18, and the two teams faced each other with a record of 3 wins and 3 losses during the season, but in the end, LG, which had the upper hand in goal difference, enjoyed the second place. It is the first time in 9 years since the 2013-2014 season that LG went directly to the semifinal PO.

LG will now face off against SK-KCC’s 6th round PO winner. The winner of Hyundai Mobis and Carrot will meet Ginseng Corporation in the quarterfinals. Hyundai Mobis and Carrot will have their first game on the 2nd of next month. The SK-KCC match starts on the 3rd.

Plagued by financial problems until the end of the regular season, Carrot managed to join spring basketball. Carrot, who succeeded in advancing to the PO by reaching the semifinals in the first year of its founding, was in danger of being disqualified from participating in spring basketball if Day One Sports, the parent company, did not pay the 1 billion won installment payment to Korea Professional Basketball (KBL) by the 30th.

However, Carrot was able to participate in the PO dramatically by paying it on the 30th. KBL will hold a Media Day ahead of the 6th round PO on the 31st.온라인카지노 At this meeting, each team and coach conveys their determination to face spring basketball.

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