“It was an experience that allowed me to feel how much sacrifice and effort my wife makes.”

Mr. A, an office worker, felt many things while working메이저놀이터 with his wife after she gave birth. This is because he received paid leave for ‘100 days’ from the company, giving him the opportunity to share childcare.

As of the second quarter of this year, the total fertility rate was only 0.7. Many people cite the burden of childcare as the reason they are reluctant to give birth. This is why the maternity leave that Johnson & Johnson Medical Korea grants to male employees attracts more attention.

According to Johnson & Johnson Medical Korea, the company grants male employees a total of 12 weeks of paid maternity leave.

Previously, the Equal Employment Opportunity Act stipulated that ‘if an employee requests leave due to the birth of his or her spouse, 10 days of paid leave is provided.’ In addition, additional vacation time will be granted for approximately 3 months, and 100% of salary will be paid.

After maternity leave, you can apply for parental leave (unpaid) for up to one year.

This type of leave policy is not limited to traditional family types. Johnson & Johnson Medtech, a global company, provides the same maternity leave to adoptive families. In addition, employees who foster children are also eligible for ‘foster care’ and receive 12 weeks of paid leave, the same as other families .

Although Johnson & Johnson Medical Korea has not yet identified anyone eligible for poster care, it appears to be operating under the influence of the corporate culture headquartered in the United States.

In addition, the company operates Family Day (half-day work) on the second Friday of every month, Kids Camp (work experience for parents of employees’ children), full support for children’s tuition up to college, and tuition support for preschool children (up to 1 million won per child before entering school).

Employee satisfaction is also quite high. In particular, it was evaluated that the atmosphere within the company that encouraged maternity leave was helpful.

Person A said, “As a salesperson, I was unable to use my maternity leave because it was burdensome to be away from clients while on vacation. After changing jobs, I was happy to be able to watch my children grow rapidly day by day through the recommendation of the company department and manager.” .

Mr. B also said, “Thanks to the company actively encouraging the use of (maternity leave), I was able to use it without being noticed,” and added, “Thanks to overcoming the most difficult times and sharing child care, I was able to gain great trust from my wife.”

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