A story was posted on the community that메이저놀이터 a part-time worker at a restaurant was asked to pay 7 million won in full compensation for contaminating a customer’s luxury bag. The part-time worker’s mother asked for her advice, saying, “She doesn’t want to criticize the claim itself, but it doesn’t seem like full compensation.”

Mr. A, who introduced herself as the mother of her part-time job, introduced her own story on the 29th to her online community along with a picture of a contaminated luxury bag.

Mr. A said, “I am the mother of a son who is now a 20-year-old college freshman.”

Mr. A said, “While my son was wiping the table, the liquid on the table splashed onto the bag of a customer at the next table, and the son apologized and wiped the liquid off and gave me his contact number thinking about compensation for the laundry cost.” ‘s boyfriend contacted me and demanded 7 million in full compensation.” The contaminated bag was a product of a famous overseas brand, often referred to as a ‘luxury product’.

Mr. A said, “I don’t want to criticize the claim for compensation because I understand that I feel upset every time I see a stain on my cherished bag.” At the same time, he sought advice on the appropriate scope of compensation and countermeasures.Netizens commented, “The demand for full compensation is excessive,” and left advice, saying, “The restaurant owner is responsible for compensation for any incidents that occurred while working, so consult with the restaurant owner.” In response, Mr. A added that she is also discussing with the restaurant owner whether insurance coverage is available.

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