Former Kiwoom Heroes Yasiel Puig has a dark future. His name could not be found on the preliminary list for the 2023 World Baseball Classic (WBC) Cuban national team.

The Cuban Baseball Federation announced on its official website on the 7th (Korean time) the preliminary list of 50 players who will compete in the 2023 WBC. Cuba is in Group A with Chinese Taipei, the Netherlands, Italy and Panama, and if it passes the group round, it is expected to face off against Group B, which belongs to Korea.

Cuba had a reserve roster of 25 pitchers, 5 catchers, 12 infielders and 8 outfielders. The most notable thing is the joining of major leaguers. Cuba included Yoann Moncada and Luis Robert (above the Chicago White Sox) on the 50-man roster. First of all, there are only two major leaguers.

Moncada debuted with the Boston Red Sox in 2016 and hit 82 home runs in 643 games, with a batting average of 0.253 OPS and 0.759. Both Moncada and Robert are the White Sox’ starting third baseman and center fielder.

While Moncada and Puig were listed on the preliminary list, the name of former Kiwoom Heroes Yasiel Puig could not be found. Puig debuted with the Los Angeles Dodgers in 2013 and played for the Cincinnati Reds and the Cleveland Indians (now the Guardians), hitting 132 home runs in 861 major league games with a batting average of 0.277 and an OPS of 0.823.

However, Puig’s major league career has been completely cut off since the 2019 season. Puig was hindered by various reasons, including privacy issues. Puig came into contact with Kiwoom while touring the Mexican league to continue his playing career, and entered the KBO league with a contract worth a total of $1 million prior to the 2022 season.

Puig did not live up to his reputation at the beginning of the season. However, after adapting, Puig was powerful. Puig recorded 131 hits, 21 homers, a batting average of 0.277 OPS and 0.841 in 126 regular season games, helping Kiwoom advance to the postseason. And he played a part in winning the runner-up in the fall stage.

Originally, Kiwoom planned to continue to accompany Puig. However, an unexpected variable occurred. Puig’s involvement in issues related to 스포츠토토 illegal sports betting in 2019. Puig admitted to the perjury charge and decided to pay a fine of $55,000, but withdrew it in December last year.

Puig said on his personal SNS, “I want to clear the stigma. I should never have agreed to plead guilty to a crime I did not commit.” In the end, Kiwoom gave up on renewing his contract, judging that Puig’s court battle would be prolonged.

After parting ways with Kiwoom, Puig recently participated in the Major League Winter Meeting and sought to return to the United States. However, until now, Puig’s destination has not been decided. Even if he is not charged with illegal gambling and perjury, in a situation where it is not easy to return to the major leagues, there are no clubs that reach out to Puig with Kiwoom and Wagon as they are even fighting in court.

Recently, the US government allowed exiled Cuban players to play for the WBC. Perhaps a chance to be Puig’s last hope. However, he was not even named to the WBC reserve list. Of course, there is about a month left until February 7th (East US time), when the final list must be submitted. However, if there are no big variables, it is unlikely that Puig will be on board. It seems clear that Puig’s future is full of thick fog.