Professional baseball LG has suffered from the sluggish performance of foreign hitters for the past few years.

This season, a ‘good fortune’ has finally appeared to end the cruelty of foreign batters.

Reporter Hong Seok-joon met Austin, the main character.


LG is in a fierce battle for the lead, tied for first place in the league at the beginning of the season.

It is Austin, a foreign player, who is in charge of one axis of the powerful LG batting line, which ranks first in team batting average.

Austin, second in batting average and RBI, is expected by LG fans as a player who will end the cruelty of foreign batters, saying, “You must confiscate your passport.”

<Austin / LG> “I don’t feel any pressure about cursing. I’m determined to play baseball as comfortable and enjoyable as possible at the plate.”

Aside from his skills, Austin has become even more talked about because of his name.

Austin’s real name is Austin James Dean.

When asked if he took his name from the movie star ‘James Dean’, Austin mentioned the legendary pitcher ‘Digi Dean’ in the major leagues.

<Austin / LG> “Unfortunately, it has nothing to do with actor James Dean. It was my grandfather’s name. Rather, it would have been much cooler if it was a baseball player’s name, such as ‘Digi Dean’.”

Austin recently laughed when he saw a video of ‘Austin’, a Nigerian who became popular in Korean like a native Korean on social media.

<Austin / LG> “I saw this! My interpreter showed it to me. I also saw it on social media, and I think it’s fun every time I see it.”메이저사이트

Austin, who is well aware of the long history of LG, which has been unrelated for 29 years, is determined to run to win the Korean Series.

<Austin / LG> “Thank you for all the love you gave to the players.

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