“Persevere. Endure and survive. Enduring is the strongest.”

Yang Chan-yeol (26), an outfielder for the Doosan Bears, was recently notified by the club that he was on the first team spring camp list in Australia. Yang Chan-yeol, who joined Doosan in 2020, experienced first-team spring camp for the first time in four years.

Yang Chan-yeol, after completing personal training at Jamsil Baseball Stadium on the 6th, said in an interview with Sporty News about joining the 1st team camp, “I am excited and I think it will be fun. I have never done it before. It is my first time going to Australia, and I can do it with a new mind.” I think so,” he replied with a smile.

Doosan coach Lee Seung-yeop led the finishing camp as soon as he took office in October of last year and gave the team a mission to 스포츠토토 ‘prove themselves’. As it is necessary to identify the players for the next season, I hoped that prospects would use the finish camp as an opportunity to show their potential. The outstanding players planted a clear message that they would go together to the Australian spring camp.

At this time, it was Yang Chan-yeol that caught Lee’s eye. Even in the practice game, he showed his temperament as usual by not shying away from running and aggressively batting.

After watching a practice game against SSG Landers on October 23 last year, coach Lee said, “I felt like I was working hard while watching the game. I’m a big hitter, but I like that kind of play.”

Yang Chan-yeol radiated energy from the start of the finish camp to the end without getting tired. He said, “It was my first time at the finish camp, so I tried to catch up with everyone. Fortunately, I did not get tired physically. He told me not to be afraid of failure and aim to die 100 times. Then I have to run 200 times, but when he told me to run boldly without hesitation, I gained confidence. He told me that it was okay to fail, so I felt comfortable. I think the answer is to do a lot of defense. I tried to train a lot with confidence.”

Yang Chan-yeol is a player who showed his talent for hitting early enough to be appointed as a pinch hitter since his rookie days. In his last season after returning from military service, despite few opportunities, he had a batting average of 0.244 (20 hits in 82 at-bats), 3 home runs and 12 RBIs.

Koji Goto, Doosan hitting coach, watched Yang Chan-yeol’s hitting and instilled confidence in him so that he could use his strengths more. Yang Chan-yeol said, “The coach often asked me, saying that it is better to use the lower body during practice and that my feeling is important. He said, ‘There is no problem, so he told me to do it with confidence.”

Yang Chan-yeol gained a bit more confidence as he was called up to the 1st team spring camp following the finishing camp. He said, “When I was discharged during the last season, it was good at first because I only watched from the outside before going. Then, when it didn’t work out, my confidence declined and I felt a lot of lacking, so I wanted to grow into a better player by making up for it. I have the confidence that I can do it because there are things. I think confidence is also an experience.”

He continued, “There will be no player who plays baseball with the mindset of wanting to be seen well by the coach. Everyone works hard, but I also wanted to be seen as a good player. I think spring camp is important in the future, so I think I should try to do better.”

The New Year’s wish for 2023 is to endure in the first team from the start of the season to the end. It has to survive the competition with outstanding outfielders such as Kim Jae-hwan (35), Su-bin Jeong (33), Jose Rojas (30), and Kim In-tae (30).

Yang Chan-yeol said, “I want to play my own baseball in the new year without injury. I want to be in the first team all year after entering the opening entry. I want to live well. I have to endure and survive. Because enduring is the strongest.”