Coach Lee Jung-hyo’s football philosophy is simple and clear. As much as the essence of football depends on scoring, absolute weight is placed on destroying the opponent’s defense. “When he concedes, he thinks more about how to score than why he scored,” he said. His philosophy of focusing on goals is to take on even the most difficult challenge, even though it is easy to say that ‘offense is the best defense’. It is not a problem that can be solved with conviction and passion alone. Detailed methodology and the power of experts in each area that constitutes soccer must be united. The second part of the interview with director Lee Jung-hyo is about the latter. 온라인카지노

– In the K-League, not a few clubs do not share their team schedule in advance on a weekly or monthly basis, but inform them one or two days in advance. They say it is to create tension so that the players can focus on soccer. How about Gwangju?
(Showing the monthly and weekly team schedule schedules on the mobile phone) We give notice in advance. I have no authority in this schedule. The athlete training schedule is the authority of the expert physical coach and our AT (athlete trainer) teachers. They make judgments based on exercise physiology. I’m more expert on tactics than they are, but they’re more expert on the physical condition of the players. 

Our physical coach is a person who studied in Brazil. Do you have questions about the overall winter training cycle of the K-League? It’s because there are many cases where we do physical training during a certain period of time and practice games. He suggested that even in the off-season, it would be better to adjust the cycle like a season in which we prepare on a weekly basis. I did that from this winter training. On Saturdays, I increase my stamina by doing 100% outside practice matches or self-training matches. Sunday is rest, Monday is recovery, and tactical meetings and training begin on Tuesday. When Saturday’s game was particularly intense, the physical coach discussed it with the AT teachers and suggested we take a break until Monday. I ask why he is making such a suggestion, and when he is convinced, he follows. The current team philosophy is that concentration is more important than the frequency and intensity of training. He hardly ever takes a break during training. goes tight Even though it is training with the ball, all the players who came to the team for the first time said that it was difficult. 

– Analyst Park Won-gyo became the analysis coach this year. He is not from Gyeonggi-do, but I heard that he has great trust. 
We came together from Jeju. He doesn’t play soccer, but he has a knack for analytics. He personally went to Europe (Poland) to learn and act. He is very passionate and a strong friend. He is the friend who refutes and questions my opinions the most. trust your abilities It is up to Analytical Coach Park Won-gyo to climb to a high place during training or games and grasp the overall flow. From above, the walkie-talkie tells me to do this or that. (Laughs) But that judgment is correct, and I respect it. After last season, they recommended that I get a coaching license. As a coach, I wanted to treat myself better than before. Personally, I hope Park Won-gyo, the analytical coach, continues to grow and become a coach later. It will be an event that gives great impetus to Korean football. I’m trying to help make that happen. The analysis part is rapidly increasing in importance in recent soccer trends, and requires a lot of investment. Our analysis team this year is now two, but if the club trusts us, we want to increase it to four. For the physical part, the goal is to add a sports scientist who can analyze data professionally in addition to the physical coach.

– I heard that during training, the movements of the players are explained in great detail. Could it be that the training flow is interrupted?
I think it will be corrected the fastest if pointed out right away. You shouldn’t earn what you’re doing wrong. Before that, they looked at it, looked at it, and then later when it explodes, the person being pointed out develops a rebellious spirit. If you don’t tell me at that moment, the player himself is diluting the fault. I used to take notes too, but now I don’t. Trying to fix it immediately. Most of it is movement and positioning. He is not sensitive to ball control or passing mistakes. For example, in a 2v2 situation from the side, if our positioning and movement are wrong and we are pressured by the opponent and lose the ball, we need to explain it to change. I keep explaining, but if it doesn’t change, I’ll subtract it. One player loses the opportunity for other players to have a better experience and confidence. If you can’t follow me, it’s okay to drop it. I don’t blame the different speed of growth. However, if one person keeps making mistakes and 10 people suffer losses, it is right to drop out. You can’t just follow my instructions. It tells you to think one step further. You have to watch your teammates move. The difference between pros and amateurs is that the three-person movement determines play. It’s good to make a choice by watching my colleagues move, rather than just paying attention to my movements. 

– I am curious about the cycle coach Lee Jeong-hyo prepares for a game.
If we play on Saturday, we rest on Sunday and watch the previous game on Monday. Starting on Tuesday, we prepare for the weekend game. First of all, we have a video analysis meeting about what we did in the last game. After training, I go to a cafe with my analysis coach after dinner on Tuesdays. There is a 24-hour cafe that I always go to. Go there and continue watching the video. Both can be edited, so I cut out the parts I need to give feedback to the players and send them. My eyes are different, and coach Park Won-kyo’s eyes are different. So, the perspectives of the two convey different thoughts to the players. The next morning, we eat breakfast and go to the cafe again. If it’s training that afternoon, I’ll go in after organizing the video, training program, and meeting at the cafe 30 minutes before. Team meeting is 15 minutes. I don’t want to hear it if it’s long because I do it almost every day. You have to fill it up and deliver it within 15 minutes. We explain how we are going to do in this game in offense and defense, and implement a training program accordingly. Tactical training is also filmed from above. Then, in the evening, I go to the cafe again, watch the training video, and talk to the analysis coach. It’s about correcting the parts that didn’t go well. The next day, the modified part of the tactical training is carried out. It is the repetition of such a pattern. 

– How do you recruit foreign players? How do you have football-like communication with players after signing?
Observe a lot. Since last year, the club has purchased two Wyscout (※ Wyscout, a soccer platform that provides soccer videos, player information, and stats) accounts and provides them to the coaching staff. I check with coach Park Won-gyo from time to time and invest time. Hayes left for Jeju after the contract was terminated, and Mikey decided that it would be difficult to compete in the first division while working together last year. He was an agent like Thomas. It was naturally arranged that Thomas would come where Mikey was missing. In addition to the existing Aaron and Sandro, the newcomers Asani, Thomas, and Timo all watched the video, and it was okay that the players had them, but I decided that this part should be developed further. In the case of Thomas, he has a lot of ups and downs during the game. If an opponent has the ball, they only look at the ball and attack. A lot of useless movements. He was passive about joining the defense, so he needed a change. Of course, the lines must be followed. You can’t keep saying anything. You have to keep the level well. Then, after a while, he asks to have a video analysis meeting. accept it as such. Sandro was picked by us after long observation and trust. I joined in the summer of last year and I was frustrated because I couldn’t score a goal in the beginning. Missing a penalty kick seemed to have taken a toll on his mentality. He instilled confidence. The players acknowledged you for seeing you in training, so they gave you a penalty kick. You also said to believe in yourself and overcome this time. Timo’s case is completely different. He is also a player for the Dutch national team, but his father is a successful businessman and his family lives very well. have the highest self-esteem. When pointed feedback is needed, it should be given individually. If you have a separate meeting or send a video and comment via messenger, you accept it. 

– When talking to foreign players, you ask the interpreter to properly interpret even slang words?
What I want should be conveyed properly. I had to express the emotions contained in my words as they were, so I asked them to say the profanity as it is. The interpreter told me not to filter it arbitrarily because I was hasty concerned about the relationship between the coach and the players. I can’t help but get angry if the player doesn’t change even though I have been told what I want several times. If you leave it out, things will get weird later. Both the coach and the players say why didn’t I say this back then? In fact, interpreters are not guilty. I take responsibility for what I say. So, I ask you to translate as much as possible. I had a separate meal with foreign players during the training in Chiang Rai. Then he talked to the players. I will tell you as it is. So you can express your emotions to me, but not to the interpreter who helps you. 

– Lee Hee-kyun’s goal broke during the game against Incheon, and I especially liked it more than other players. did you have a story?
Hee-kyun grew a lot during winter training. The reason I was able to send Kim Jong-woo was because I believed in Hee-kyun’s growth. However, he had no attack points until the third round. His lack of shooting was more of a problem. Ahead of the game against Incheon, he said that if he doesn’t shoot now, he will lose it. I have to convince the other players too. His teammates know that Hee-kyun is good at it, but if he doesn’t score points, his evaluation will change. So Hee-gyun wanted to score and he ran. During the winter training, Hee-gyun and (Lee) Sang-ki were intensively scolded. he has grown that much. As they climbed up, Doo Hyun-seok and Min-ki Lee grew up together. That’s the growth of the team I want. (※ During the interview, Lee Hee-kyun exquisitely called) There is a younger brother on our youth 15-year-old team. I’m a late child with a difference of ten years. He told me not to be late for training because he said he would not be able to attend lunch.

– What does growing as a player mean to coach Lee Jeong-hyo?
He tells the players that they must not forget the essence. No matter how much money is crumpled or buried, the value of money does not change. So we want to have money. As a player, you have to keep your essence, what you do well and your personality. However, in order to melt into our team’s tactics, bad habits or judgments must be cut. It is not to be neglected, but to increase the value by cutting and caring for it like a bonsai. I think we should hear that our teammates do well even when they go to other teams. I did well in Gwangju, but it would be very disappointing to hear that I couldn’t do it here. 

– Looking at Gwangju last year and this year, I remembered the ‘catfish effect’. The energy of the entire league is growing as other competitors are stimulated by a powerful competitor.
In last year’s K-League 2, the more the season went on, the more enjoyable it was. I could see many teams including Daejeon and Anyang struggling to stop us. We also prepared harder to break through that. I think last season’s K-League 2 was really fun and the level was high. Last season, I only compromised with reality once. It was an expedition to Daejeon. Coach Lee Min-seong’s tactical preparation was also good, and we were pushed back by the opponent’s replacement card in the second half. Daejeon was so good that it was said that losing was a legitimate game. So at the end, I instructed the players to keep the 1-1 tie. I think we got better after that through the game where we were cornered. Even after coming to the K-League 1, I wanted to stimulate other competitors with good football. It’s early in the season, but it seems to be to some extent. 

– I hope coach Lee Jung-hyo’s philosophy of winning by maximizing what I’m good at, not by preventing opponents from doing well, will change the thinking of the K-League and Korean soccer. 
For the coach and the team to develop, there must be a football that you want to play. My soccer goal is to score goals. The goal is to score goals, not to win or lose. It is the most important purpose in football. Then we find a way to attack the opponent and score. If you see a weakness, how do you make space for us to move there and dig into it? And then ideas come out. If I score a goal, I don’t think why I conceded so much. I think about how to make the next goal quickly. I want to win with what I am good at. That’s more attractive than winning by not letting the opponent do what they’re good at. Victory using opponent’s mistakes is 1-2 times. But if we do what we do well, the odds of winning in the end are much higher. You need confidence in yourself. Playing soccer is easy. But the odds of us catching the ball drop. Thinking about the difficult way, we will catch more balls and keep attacking. 

I happened to hear JYP Park Jin-young talking on the radio. It really touched me. Park Jin-young said that he dislikes the social aspect of our society. She said why did she bother to meet various people, and that such meetings take up time to do what I most want to do. It is said that outstanding people in one field gather to meet. I sympathized with such a firm idea. I also refrain from unnecessary meetings lately. I don’t care how others look at me If you want to survive without the skills, you have no choice but to rely on personal connections and political relationships. One day, I suddenly got a call in the morning to have lunch. He was a high-ranking person related to our club, but he declined due to lack of time. I have to go to a cafe to work with my analysis coach at 1:00 PM. I can say I’m not cheap, but I don’t want to concede or give up the time I absolutely have to spend to do my job well. I’m sorry, but I asked you to contact me in advance next time. 

– It can be said that it is premature, but it seems that there are people who imagine what kind of performance will come out if director Lee Jung-hyo takes on a team with a better squad environment. 
Right now, I think a lot about balance when designing the composition of our team. I deliberately reinforce that part consciously. Maybe I can go somewhere else. Even if I stay on the team, I have to plan to become better next year and the year after that. The age of enlistment in the military was also somewhat conscious. Who will be next when this friend goes to the army? When this year is over, Uhm Ji-sung will unconditionally go abroad. You must go out for yourself. So, who would you use in that position? Young players like Joo Young-jae and Jung Ji-hoon should be promoted from now on. talk like that When the director changes, the first thing they usually do is to clean up the poop and drain the standing water. Even if I leave Gwangju, I hope that will not happen. For the sake of the Gwangju club and for the next manager, we must do it. It’s not about leaving immediately. When I feel that I have done enough to upgrade Gwangju environmentally, I wonder if I will think about the next challenge. 

– What are the most important challenges you can think of right now?
It’s about winning streaks, playing aggressive football and scoring a lot of goals. Recently, I talked to Ulsan coach Kwang-soo Cho. Ulsan kept winning in the early stages, but he said he hoped that they would keep winning until they face us. During winter training last year, I played a practice match against Ulsan. At that time, I heard a lot of good things from director Hong Myung-bo. The biggest opponent we can challenge in the K-League now is champion Ulsan. If I’m going to take on the challenge, I want to meet Ulsan when it shines the most. 

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