Gayoung Kim thought about the next shot after hitting one point. It was a pretty tricky arrangement.

On the 11th, the ‘2022 High1 Resort LPBA Championship’ round of 32 survival match. Kim Ga-young ran first with 5 consecutive hits in 6 innings. In the second half of the 5th inning, the distance from the 2nd place narrowed, but it was still 20 points.

Kim Ga-young 71, Choi Hye-mi 51, Song Min-jeong 51 points. Time is running out and all that remains is one queue. Minjung Song listened to the last cue. It was 5 consecutive hits. Choi Hye-mi was an empty hitter.

The scores were Minjung Song 68 and Gayoung Kim 65, and Choi Hyemi was confirmed to be eliminated. Ga-Young Kim hit a stroke and Min-Jung Song tied the score at 67-67. If it was done as it is, it was second in the high run.

A pull-up shot after much thought. It was a splendid shot that was shown occasionally. My ball hit the third cushion and headed towards the target ball properly. However, it seemed to lack strength, and after spinning around in place, it stood right in front of it.

Kim Ga-young, who had just become second in the queue, was ranked 12th out of 16. And she got to play 5th and best of 16, 4th-13th place winners and quarterfinals, and 1st and 4th place winners.

Of course, if she wins, she has been strong since the round of 16.

Lim Jeong-suk, who also won four crowns. She is a multiple crown contender. Their recent record is 1 win and 1 loss. She won the championship by winning the final of the previous tournament, but lost in the semifinals of the previous tournament.

If they win, Da-Yeon Hwang and Jin-A Kim will be the winners, and the semi-finals are likely to be Throng. Throng, who took first place with 스포츠토토 an overwhelming score, fights Yujin Kang, who is ranked 16th, in the round of 16, and if he wins, he will compete with the winner Baek Min-joo and Kim Jeong-mi to advance to the semifinals.

Gayoung Kim’s shots are getting sharper and sharper. She is a bit weak against Throng, but she has defeated both Throng and Lim Jeong-suk, so she can overcome even the thorny paths in the mountains.

However, if she had placed first, she would have lost the round of 16 to Kim Bo-mi. Although Kim Bo-mi is on the rise, she is more comfortable than Lim Jeong-suk.

In the wind, she became difficult even for Lim Jeong-suk and Seolong. She must prepare for a fight with the Empress.

On the other hand, Hida Orie, Kim Se-yeon, and Dark Horse Group’s Kim Bo-mi, Jeon Ae-rin, Higashiuchi, and Ayako were all lined up.

Former champions Kang Ji-eun, Kim Ye-eun, Kim Min-ah, and Kim Gap-seon were eliminated.

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