KGC committed 19 turnovers and collapsed on its own.

Anyang KGC lost 75-89 in the second leg of the playoff in the quarterfinals against 2022-2023 SKT Adot Pro Basketball Goyang Carrot held at Anyang Gymnasium on the 15th. Although they won the first game lightly, they gave up the second game and moved to Goyang, where the third and fourth games were held with the burden. 

KGC won the first game 99-43. Carrot, who had a bloody battle with Ulsan Hyundai Mobis in the 6th round of the playoffs in the 5th game, was overwhelmed on both sides of the air and defense. The 56-point victory was the record for the largest score difference in KBL history, including both the regular league and playoffs. Considering the power and atmosphere, many expected a series sweep.

However, they suffered a complete loss in the second game and could not continue the atmosphere. The biggest loss is turnover. He collapsed on his own, recording a whopping 19 turnovers. Rather than being hit by Carrot’s strong defense, most of the turnovers were somewhat disappointing to cut off the flow on their own in an attacking situation.

KGC was evenly matched at 42-46 in the first half. Although they fell behind, they had plenty of time to turn the tide. However, he recorded 7 turnovers only in the 3rd quarter and dedicated the right to attack to Carrot one after another. In defense, only Lee Jung-hyun gave 17 points, and the score gap widened to 60-72. In the 4th quarter, he regained his senses and started chasing, but at this time, he also cut off the flow with a turnover and knelt down on the carrot.

This season,메이저사이트 KGC recorded an average of 9.9 turnovers in the regular league. This was the lowest record after Carrot (8.2) and Seoul SK (8.4). However, in an important playoff stage, he surrendered Game 2 to Carrot, committing 19 turnovers, nearly 10 more than his season average. In order for KGC to win the 3rd game, it is necessary to reduce turnover.

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