A 29-year-old witness to a knife attack that occurred at AK Plaza in Seohyeon Station, Seongnam City, Gyeonggi Province on the 3rd, could not sleep all night. I keep thinking of the scene that became a mess with people stamping his feet, victims, police, and paramedics. On the way to work on the 4th, Mr. Kim said that he was alert all the time, worrying that ‘something else might happen and I might get hurt’. After looking back dozens of times, I deliberately chose an empty path to walk. Mr. Kim said, “In the past, I used to ignore murder previews posted on the Internet, but now I’m thinking ‘it can really happen’.”

Anxiety is spreading among citizens as ‘don’t ask crimes’ occur one after another in the middle of the city and lead to murder notices. Citizens are preparing self-rescue measures such as avoiding going out or avoiding public transportation to avoid an accident메이저놀이터, but their daily lives are shaken by the fear that ‘anyone can attack me’.

AK Plaza, where the incident occurred the day before, was desolate with traces of the accident remaining. The stores on the first floor were closed, and only about 10 people moved quickly, saying, “This is the place of the incident, it’s scary.” It was difficult to see the same crowd as before, except for about 30 specially assigned security personnel. Mr. Kim (30), who works at a department store, said, “Today, the number of people passing by is not even 20% of normal.” There were still bloodstains everywhere near the department store, and the police access control line (police line) was drawn.

Nearby residents were in great shock. Park Ji-yoon (23), who lives in Imae-dong, Bundang-gu, said, “It’s a neighborhood where I often met with acquaintances, but I can’t believe that something like that happened here.” doesn’t,” he said. Ji-mo (60), who has worked in Jeongja-dong, Bundang-gu, for over 10 years, sighed, saying, “I was really scared at the thought that a residential area with many apartment complexes could be dangerous.”

Some citizens do not send their children to institutions or use taxis instead of public transportation. Kwon Mo (53), who works part-time as a child in the Gyeonggi region, said, “In the lower grades, instead of riding in the car during the school day, the mother came and took her directly, and I get a call saying, ‘I won’t send my child to the academy for the time being.'” said. The playground of an apartment complex near the scene of the incident, which was always crowded with children, was quiet throughout the day.

Aunt Lee (25), an office worker, used public transportation on her way to and from work for several years, but since the day before, she has been moving only by taxi. Even if I pay 32,000 won round trip, I don’t want to walk alone on the street. Some companies in the areas mentioned in the ‘murder notice’, such as Gangnam-gu, Seoul, recommended working from home that day.

However, citizens are expressing a sense of helplessness that they cannot avoid accidents with their own responses alone. Mr. Kwon said, “Those who give notice of murder are caught in advance, but the places where accidents have occurred have not been given notice,” and said, “Isn’t the only way to severely punish the perpetrators?” Mr. Kim, who witnessed the accident, said, “Unlike the case of Sillim-dong, seeing the case of Seohyeon Station, I really think copycat crimes will continue to happen.” did.

Kwak Geum-joo, professor of psychology at Seoul National University, emphasized, “Fear of the unspecified majority has destroyed trust in society and others. did.

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