The Journalists Association of Korea strongly criticized the prosecution’s recent prosecution of a KBS reporter, calling it “the prosecution’s power-planting security.”

The Journalists Association of Korea released a statement on the 6th and said, “At the beginning of the new year, there has been an incident in which freedom of the press has seriously declined. Prosecutors indicted a KBS reporter for defamation and suspended the indictment of two other reporters.” On the 5th, the Seoul Southern District Prosecutor’s Office indicted without detention a KBS

A reporter for defamation of character, 메이저사이트 who gave false reports on suspicion of collusion between Justice Minister Han Dong-hoon and a Channel A reporter . The Journalists’ Association said, “At that time, KBS immediately acknowledged the misinformation, issued an apology broadcast the next day, and even punished the reporter.” responded with an indictment,” he said. Pointing out that the prosecution’s indictment was decided after two and a half years, the Journalists Association said, “It is difficult to shake off a reasonable suspicion that this irrational number is the ‘repentance’ of the power or the prosecution’s ‘planting security’ in line with such power.” he criticized. The Journalists Association of Korea pointed out that the prosecution does not distinguish between ‘false information’ and ‘misinformation’ and is overdoing prosecution. The KBS report in question is nothing more than a ‘misinformation’ that occurred because the coverage was not done properly.

he Journalists Association said, “If the prosecution continues to pursue such tyrannical prosecution of media reports, the media’s original duty to monitor power will inevitably be diminished.” Go. This indictment is clearly a threat and intimidation towards the entire media community.”

“The members of the Journalists Association of Korea define the prosecution’s indictment as an infringement on freedom of speech and will be with the reporters in question at KBS ,” he said. I will record it,” he said.