While the third trial of Mr. A, a special teacher accused of abusing the developmentally disabled son of Webtoon writer Joo Ho-min, took place on the 28th, the 메이저놀이터parents of the class sighed, saying, “No one wants to take charge of the classroom.” .

On this day, after the trial, which was conducted by the Suwon District Court 9th Criminal Court (Judge Yong-hyun Kwak), a parent with a child who was in the same class as Mr. Joo’s son complained in a media interview that “no one wants to come to our children’s class (as a homeroom teacher).” confided in

“Teachers understand. A child can put a tape recorder in his bag and sue him for child abuse, but who would come?” There is a situation,” he complained.

According to the parents, Mr. Joo’s wife avoided communication with the mothers in her class and kept her son with the regular class kids but away from her special class kids.

In response, some parents said, “I get angry when I see (the Joo couple) living in the same neighborhood so cheerfully in this situation.”

In September of last year, Mr. and Mrs. Joo sued Mr. A for making inappropriate comments to their son. The couple put a tape recorder in the child’s bag and recorded the contents of the class and used it as evidence.

According to the prosecution’s indictment, Mr. A said to Mr. Joo’s son, “You really hate me, what the hell is going on in your head. Habits are very bad oh i hate it i hate to die I hate you i hate you too I really hate it.”

Mr. A’s lawyer said at the trial that day, “At the time, the defendant had to conduct education for disabled children all morning without a break because the child was separated into customized classes.” He insisted that you should listen to it continuously, not just repeating parts of it,”

he said. “The indictment is written as if a teacher is pouring out remarks all at once, but remarks such as’I hate you’ or’what’s in your head’ are just words to yourself,” he explained. did.

In response, the judge said, “It is the position that the entire recording file submitted by the prosecution needs to be played.” I want to secure as much time as possible to listen to it,” he said, deciding to play the entire recording at the 4th trial on October 30th.

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